April 8th 2017 Energy Forecast


April 8th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are all well, the energy this weekend feels a little sludgy and thick and I think it may make you feel tired. There are two things going on here, firstly some of this is generated on a human level it is a fear and angry energy, it feels a little desperate, like time is running out but if you feel this remember this is human energy not universal, however if it triggers you this is a great opportunity to process that.  Just be aware of it and step out of it.


The universal energy is all about change, deep changes within that have been going on over the last 6 months to a year are being reflected in our outer world and great change is beginning to occur. Everything is beginning to shift so don’t hold on too tightly.


The veil between this world and spirit world is still very thin and I feel it is going to stay that way, bring into your awareness that you have spirits around you, they are not to be feared but they do like to hang out but also don’t expect too much, they like to be around but they don’t often have much to say. If you catch something out of the corner of your eye, if you hear your name being called or maybe a light touch on your hair, if you smell your mums perfume or hear your grandads favourite song when talking or thinking about them then know that is them, they are here with you. Don’t just think that is a nice thought, believe it to be true because it is, talk to them.


The time and the energy is all about new beginnings for EVERYONE ! Sit with this and understand what a big thing this is. These are grand new cycles, new opportunities and we are fully supported in all of this, the universe is guiding us so it is important to stay present and to flow. You never know what is around the corner, my days and weeks never pan out how my mind thinks they will so  I don’t bother with my brain, unless I need to add up and stuff.


If you are still not feeling this, then sit over the weekend and connect into yourself, what do you want, what makes you happy, what makes you feel proud of yourself. How do you want to live. Imagine that I can grant you 3 wishes, what would they be? You can send these to me if you wish for some advice.


So step out of the heavy grey energy you don’t need to own that, believe in yourself, your new cycle, your gifts, the changes in the fabric of the world and really feel your entourage in spirit, they will help you if you let them.  If you doubt it remember EVERYONE is psychic, or has that potential, it is another sense….just as we can see hear taste etc. Everyone has intuition, it is a base survival instinct that can be developed easily, you just have to believe and trust. Try it.


Have a wonderful weekend, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxxx


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