April 6th Energy Forecast


April 6th Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are well, so I have felt a slight shift in the energy this morning, there is an inner fire burning in you and something is rising that cannot be stopped. How does it feel to step into your power, how does it feel not to?


What is standing in your way, what excuses or justifications do you have to hand? Not fulfilling your dreams can make you bitter, are you prepared for this? Can you feel genuinely happy for your friends or does it make you ask yourself why not me?


The energy that we have is stirring your passions deep within, they will make you feel dissatisfied, irritable, overwhelmed maybe but most of you this is your fear trying to keep you small. You anger at yourself for not making that leap.

We have had empowering and courageous energy to push us forward, reflective and contemplative energy and now we have an energy that cuts through the bull, that calls you on your smoke and mirrors. Don’t use flow as an excuse for not grabbing life by the scruff….you can only go with the flow once you have jumped in the river, what you may be doing is sitting on the river bank watching others flow by.


These are extraordinary times, they are like nothing you have known, the old paradigm is dissolving and a new higher vibrational one is taking its place, the old rules have changed, get your head around that and notice the difference in the world and in you and then you can start living in it.


I know this is outside of the norm for you so if you have any questions then please get in touch.


Oh the energy of integrity is strong as usual and it won’t be going anywhere soon, time to do the right thing, by yourself first. You are a beautiful soul, you are part of us all, we are all in this together, so if you stumble or fall there is always a hand held out to you, you just need to see that and then accept it. There is no competition and no one is better than another in unity, it doesn’t make you weak or less than to accept help.


We all have some amazing opportunities to live a life of bliss but first you need to know that you deserve it and that starts with treating others as you would wish to be treated, think about that, when you are mean but also when you rush to help. How would you feel is someone rushed in to fix your life?  (The judgement of helping)


So let these energies stir your passions, bring out that inner fire tha says, No enough or yeah let’s do this, for me!!


So this weekend do something just for you, do not justify it or explain it, just do something that makes your heart sing. GO AND DO IT and if someone asks you why, because I wanted to is enough.


Then start the week without compromise, apology or justification, others don’t ask for it yet we constantly give it.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


Always here if you need some guidance or clarification


#inspired #lightyourfire #innerlight #yourlife #standinyourpower #justbe


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