April 3rd 2017 Energy Forecast

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April 3rd 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope that you are well, there has been a light drop in the energy over night and it feels a bit like return to your cave energy although that isn’t what it is and it isn’t what you should do. It feels a bit like anxiety energy, that feeling of oh who’s idea was it to do this, why can’t we just go back to our normal routine. Just breathe through this.


If you start having these feelings and doubts then come back to this page and look at some of my posts. I know the plan, however loose and vague that plan may be but I know what is waiting for you and what you have to discover about yourselves and what you can do and it is extremely positive and magical, empowering and creative. I am your biggest fan, cheering squad and provider of orange segments, seriously it is going to be ok, you can do this and then some and If you trip and fall the universe will catch you but how will you know this unless you trust and take a leap of faith.


If you feel like you have issues and problems around you, look at it that this is a great opportunity for you to show to yourself how awesome strong grounded and calm you are, to show yourself how far you have come and how much you have grown.


Focus on being consciously aware in each moment and monitor you own language, how negative are you? We often think we are more positive than we are. Saying oh I really hope that I get the job as my CV is a bit rubbish or I really don’t have any experience is actually negative, stop yourself and spin it, this job is perfect for me and it is going to be fabulous when it is mine. Check that it is perfect for you first though.


With regard to the energy we do have a bit of turbulence coming up and some may be in for a bumpy ride but that is ok and all part of the learning process just don’t let it make you give up, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.


When you have been enjoying a period of bliss or serenity it can come as a shock when you start feeling anxious, bored or irritable, you feel you may have lost your way, No this is not the case, just another period of learning balancing and releasing is coming, this is your journey and this pattern will continue. Take heart though that if you continue processing consciously you will reach a time when your emotions and your life are stable and consistent. My inner and outer state of peace equanimity love and joy are permanent and consistent, it is who I am and nothing can change that…don’t you want that too?


Then keep going, understand that you are going to have ups and downs until you release the conditioning of the last paradigm, learn your lessons and release your triggers, bringing in a consistent unified and joyful balanced state. You are all on the right path, you are not off track, you just have some work to do, but it is worth it.


Chat to me if you are feeling lost, lonely or confused, share it on here if you feel bold enough because trust me you are not the only one going through this. These are indeed magical times but sometimes we need a little hand holding.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

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