April 2nd 2017 Energy Forecast


April 2nd 2017 Energy Forecast


Good morning I hope you are well, so this morning as I sit here the energy feels lovely. It feels calm and gentle, nurturing yet detached, active yet still, inspiring and reflective.


It feels like a unity day, a glimpse of what is to come. You know that feeling in the morning before you fully awaken, when you feel so relaxed yet your awareness is being stirred and you get information needed for the day, when you know that the day ahead holds great promised yet you are in no hurry to make that first step, not just yet, that is what the energy feels like.


That’s all I have to say really, I have sat here for over an hour just enjoying this blissfilled energy and I recommend that you do the same.


Have a fabulous day, love and laughter Michele xxx


#happydays #bliss #joy #justbe #raiseyourvibration #mindfulliving  #iheartmylife


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