March 25th 2017 Energy Forecast

March 25th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good morning I hope you are well and rested, there is a lot going on energetically so ensure you get plenty of time in bed, it is important just for the next few days. I am not sure what is coming up but there will be revelations for many and some great eureka moments where something you have been struggling with will come into clear focus.


Be aware that there is a lot if anger around generated at a human level, this can be infectious and it is easy to own anger, it can also being rather shocking and damaging to those that don’t deal with anger daily.

So if you find that you are getting irritable and angry take yourself somewhere quiet just for a few moment and just breathe. Imagine the golden light coming in through the top of your head and exploding out of your body, this explosion of light will clear your energetic field, as you do this say , may all energy that is not mine and is not of the highest positivity leave my system. Negative dense energy is not welcome here. Ask that you be shown clearly yet calmly the source of your anger and state your commitment that you will process it later at home when the time is right. Then breathe draw in calm stable universal energy and get on with your day


If you find that you are very sensitive to the anger and negativity of others then again take yourself somewhere and do the same thing but then you can put yourself in a bubble of protection so that until you get home you are protected from the effects of others anger. State the bubble is just to protect you from the upsetting effects of anger directed at you and that you will address it when you get home later. Don’t keep yourself in a bubble at all times as this is not healthy.


I feel that some of you can feel the changes and see that life seems to progressing really well but you are still waiting for the other shoe to drop, work on that over the next few days and get ready to leave that doubt behind as it is only you that can hold you back. Don’t make your negative expectations your reality.


This is still a time of great creativity but also a time of laying strong foundations but with some fancy brick work in their too, it isn’t all work work work. Do you have a plan? I am going to be offering 5 FREE half hour break through calls so we can get a plan together for you…..oh wow I had no idea I would be offering that….but yeah it would be fab to speak with you, see where you are at, what you want and what you are struggling with and put a plan together to help you move forward….whoop whoop this is exciting…..I will organise some sign up sheets later or you can comment below.


I see some delicate pastel coloured energy, it is light and thin, not quite whispy it has more strength to it than that, I am not sure what it is but it is linking in with some of the energetic structures I have around me, like it is being infused with its energy. To be honest it feels like my grandmother with her cross stitch thread, adding her monogram.  Having sat with this for a while it does feel like the spirit energy but also about making your mark, making sure that everything you do has the essence and energy of you, like your trademark or your signature, your life is a great reflection of you and that will bring such beauty and abundance. However if at this time you are trying to be something you are not or something you should be, if you are invested in the external labels of the duality paradigm or just don’t know who you really are then you will find creation for you is like building a house on sand.


It is your responsibility to make the time to sit with yourself and really connect with who you are, at a soul level and to then nurture that.


The energies really are beautiful today, so if you feel the anger in anyway take some time and deal with it, this is human energy and has no benefit to us right now, it is created from fear.


Have fun, it’s like fairy energy today.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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Manifesting with ease


We are the creators of our world!

I have had the most fabulous day manifesting with ease, the energies are just perfect for creation. This is the essence of co-creation, collaborating, flowing and dancing with the universal energies. Without us it cannot take form and without it our lives are flat and seem to happen to us.

energy streams

So in my morning beach meditation I set my intention on three things, firstly my case to the ombudsman about Vodafone would be resolved in my favour, it had gone on long enough, time for this to be over.

Secondly that there would be news on the progress of the sale of my house.


Thirdly I would be shown a way forward with one aspect of my business. It was an idea I had a while back and it had popped into my mind once again yesterday. Is this an avenue I should pursue?


When I returned home there in my inbox were 3 emails,

One from the ombudsman finding in my favour,

One from my lawyer telling me the sale was progressing well

One related to the business idea I had been pondering, which I shared with an old friend who I recently reconnected with and it turns out unbeknown to us, this contact may be a friend of hers.


Manifesting is quick and easy so ensure that you are manifesting consciously or you may just create your fears.


Have fun, be creative and remember life is about loving and laughing


M xxxx

March 24th 2017 Energy Forecast

March 24th 2017 Energy Forecast

believe you can

Good Morning and wow the energy really is rather inspirational, do you feel yourself guided, pulled or pushed by an invisible force? Do you feel like the momentum is building and something amazing is about it happen? Well yes it is but it isn’t about to happen to you, you are about to create it!


Please try manifesting and I will guarantee that you will be surprised, the energy is supportive of your creativity.


There is so much going on at the moment, especially during sleep, messages will be coming to you in dreams, huge amounts of healing on every level is happening, so start each morning completely fresh and without expectation, each day really is a new dawn.


As we head into the weekend it really is a time to think about your connections, not only to other people on the earth but to the earth itself, the animals the trees, the water. Every time I see a bird or animal I look at it, greet it and feel it is me and am it. For that moment we exist within each other. The same with water I feel it flow through me just as I am a drop within its vast sea. It is the same with everything , we are truly connected you just need to see that and feel it, knowing isn’t enough.


If you have animals you will know this already, extend that knowing feeling and connection outward to all things but also become more aware of the connections you already have. With my dogs the moment I have a thought they physically react to it. I don’t even really need to be aware of that thought. We may be watching a movie and the second I think oh I need to go to the toilet they have jumped up and are making their way downstairs and sometimes they have jumped up before I am even aware I need the loo. Develop this further, until you accept and believe because from there you can reach the stars.


So much in life is about what you believe, we tend to admire the cynical or think practicality is more worthy or down to earth. Years ago I was dismissed and ridiculed by my family for my beliefs (not in a bad way, this isn’t a sad story J) But I stood strong, I didn’t need their understanding or their approval and I didn’t need to “save” them , so I would just smile, accept that was their viewpoint in that moment and carry on in my happy way. Eventually their cynicism disappeared because the proof was in the pudding, I was consistently joyful, positive, relaxed and abundant my life flowed and I became their go to girl because I made them feel so much better.


It is time you all believed, in your own power, in your ability to manifest the life of your dreams, in your own purpose, which believe me is awesome! What greater gift is there to be able to impact someone in a positive manner and without even trying, just by being.


Dreams do come true and you have spent lots of time, years in fact clearing the space so that you could see your dreams now is the time to build!


But you have to believe!


So spend some time or rather just allow these revelations to come to you about manifesting your dreams, why don’t you full believe? Why can’t you fully commit to this? What is holding you back? Where does the fear lie…..then process that!


The only person standing in your way is you….so it’s time!


And seriously believe me when I say you can do what I do, I know I say this and I know so many don’t believe me but it is true. I didn’t come here as some earth angel to guide you to nirvana, No I got dropped in the mud like the rest of you. I had a huge heart but was angry hurt and afraid, I didn’t know who I was and what I did know I didn’t particularly like, I was confused and torn between the person I had been raised to be and the person I was in my heart……just like all of us. This conflict within me is what led me to my personal development path and that is where the miracles happened.


What could I really teach you if I was an angel? The reason what I do works and the transformations are so extreme and life changing is because I am made of exactly the same stuff as you, I have walked your path, I have told myself the same lies and justifications, I love like you do and bleed like you but I found that there is another way. I took that path and now I live such a beautiful amazing life and it has been this way consistently for years. I am happy beyond belief and so can you!


So now it is time to BELIEVE this!


Happy to answer any questions you may have


A wonderful and inspiring day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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23rd March 2017 Energy Forecast

23rd March 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are well, this morning the energy report is a little late as I got up and went straight into business mode, before I had even had a cup of coffee. Ideas and inspiration, foundations and plans poured forth and I immediately set them into action. This is going to be one creative day!


So the energy has picked up in speed and intensity a little today, time to push forward, listen to your heart and flow with it, making changes, creating dreams. It is time to purposefully and consciously walk your path, you can do this!


Oh the energy is totally fabulous today, it is about reaching your potential, stepping into your power, creating something from the heart, being who you are!


When you know who you are and what you want the rest just falls into place, I have no questions in life, who what why and when, everything just is, and that is perfect.


I feel the energy of support but not in a comforting way in a leg up kind of way, if you need a boost now is the time, if you need your path cleared so you can see the direction you need to take now is the time.


Oh now I feel strength and fortitude, these are fabulously empowering and with them comes an inner stillness, a quiet assuredness that you don’t need to shout about anything.


Today is the day that you draw down your dreams and ground them in reality!


You can do this, just believe !


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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March 22nd 2017 Energy Forecast

March 22nd 2017 Energy Forecast

inner world

Good Morning I hope you slept well and have awoken ready and recharged to start the day. There is much going on at the moment on so many levels that I don’t think we can help but feel purposeful. Make sure that you keep yourself grounded so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or go off at a tangent. Sometimes this energy can make you feel as though you want to push forward when really you just need to pull it in a bit. Think small but intense bursts of full moon energy.


We also have the energy of solitude and reflection around us and this will be here for some time, it is different to the reflective energy we have when we are getting ready to release old cycles, this is more in the moment and is linked to being consciously aware in each moment. Reflect on your behaviour and attitude at all times, if you feel yourself getting angry or upset at someone, reflect that back on yourself, it is not them that you are reacting to, you are recognising their behaviour as your own and this is what you are rejecting.


Before you dismiss this, reflect on it for a while, we all have a friend or know at least one person that is rather vocal about the failings of others, loudly criticising them for actions or attitudes that they clearly display themselves. Are you that person? Before you say No, reflect on this.


I also feel the energy of enquiry and integrity, both different yet they go well together. It is time to stop just believing because someone said so, question it, does it feel right to you, is it your viewpoint? Question whether you need to do something or anything just because you are told to. It is time to throw away and refuse to accept those external pressures that we obey or comply with just because. It is time to be actively in your beliefs, time to find out what they really are.


Integrity is highly important, always but in particular at the moment, manifestations come quickly and much of this is about matching your energetic vibrations with that which you wish to attract. If you are acting without integrity and unconsciously then you are creating a big sticky negative mess that will leave you confused and disheartened.


Integrity goes to the very core of your being, it is the structure upon which so much rests, are you doing the right thing? Do you stand by your beliefs and convictions or is it all talk? Would you stand up for what is right even if you stand alone? Are you your own moral compass, do your actions inspire and nurture or do they confuse and denigrate. Really reflect on this and ask the questions, of yourself and also ask spirit/universe/god, what do I need to see?


I see so many people going round and round in circles, emerging themselves in the latest fad or therapy, polishing that exterior until it is shiny and sparkly. They look the part, they speak the lingo and they feel as though they are approaching their dreams but then poof it all seems to disappear but that is because it was never real in the first place. Dream creation is simple yet tricky, the first step is being totally honest with yourself and reflecting on your own behaviour.


If your life is full of ups and downs, conflicts and drama, that is because that is what you are like on the inside, your inner world has neither consistency nor unity and you are most likely blind to your responsibility in this. If you feel as though you are unlucky or happiness/wealth/love is not in your destiny or that someone is always to blame then you have some inner clearing to do….although right at this moment this post is probably triggering you, so sit with it reflect on it and then reject it if you wish but give yourself a little time.


So the energy is active and creative but also about integrity and conscious awareness, the shift has changed so much and we are experiencing states of unity like never before which at first can be a little confusing. We are used to living in a polarity, either or, now we are going to be experiencing unified states which are all/both. We will experience apparent contradictory states at the same time…’s really awesome but does take some getting used to. Please feel free to ask any questions on this…I have been playing around with this for some time.


So have a wonderful day, enjoy these energies and be very aware of what they are bringing up in you.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

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Morning Meditation and a visit from spirit

This mornings meditation down the beach was beautiful, just as i was finishing I felt a big whoosh of energy behind me as a spirit came in…..I recognised him immediately, it was Bill, it had been some time since he had visited……he said ” you’ve done it gal, you are creating the life of our dreams” But you would never have come with me I replied, “i know” He said, “I was stuck here but you are not”

I sobbed as I sat by the sea, tears of happiness, hope, truth and also loss, I miss him, my heart misses him but it’s not time yet.

March 21st 2017 Energy Forecast

March 21st 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning, how was your equinox? Did you feel the balance, the spirit world, your potential?


Are you ready this morning to take the first conscious step on your new path to fulfilment joy and enlightenment?


Have you left all the old behind bringing only the lessons learned?


Are you committed to yourself to be the best you can be and to put your oxygen mask on first?


You have said goodbye to drama, to being right and in control, you have said goodbye to never coming first and always sacrificing your needs for others in the hope they may see you as worthy.


All that is over, this is a clean slate, this is where miracles happen but only you can ensure that the old cycles habit and reactions stay in the past and you can do that by staying consciously aware in each moment. Monitor and check yourself, habits can be hard to break and it is easy to fall back into them, watch your language too.


I have just seen a large football pitch and a woman is running down this field, as she get a third of the way down she soars into the air and flies. This is the new world for you and you really can fly if you want to, you can do whatever you want, the rules are there for you to create.


I have been playing around with this world for a few years now and it is fun, it isn’t scary and you can take your time getting to know it, all I ask is that you throw out the old rule book and be very aware of the choices you make. You can choose to do whatever you want, it’s your life but just make sure those choices are conscious otherwise you are back in that cycle of feeling that bad things happen to you.


I feel the energy of solitude; this is coming in little pockets so ensure that you have some time out in your day to just be in your own energy. This is always very important; you need to spend time purely in your own energy so that you know what this feels like. For too long we have all existed in a mishmash of energy, taking on others issues and emotions as our own, no more. It is time to claim your own sacred space.


So have a wonderful day, stay consciously in the moment and take your time getting to know this new light and bright energy.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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