March 27th 2017 Energy Forecast & The New Moon

March 27th 2017 Energy Forecast & The New Moon


Good Morning I hope you all slept well, having received healing and messages in the night. As we fully enter the energy of the new moon that comes in tomorrow it is a time of new beginnings.


This is a reflection of 2017 being the year of you and your new beginnings, the Equinox Gateway that we went through, which brought us into a higher vibrational frequency and the new cycles that began, this is the first new moon of this new cycle and it also correlates with the first new moon of the astrological year. It’s all about the NEW people!


Last year was a year of endings, until the equinox on the 21st we were in a bit of a corridor, releasing the past and shifting our perspective, then we all had the opportunity to move into a new cycle, a new phase, a new paradigm.


Now we are being given that opportunity again if we didn’t quite make it. As with life it is rarely now or never, we get  do over after do over as we are human and it can take some time for the penny to drop or for us to believe and for us to turn belief into action.


This is a powerful new moon but we will get this chance each new moon to start afresh, until we finally leave the past behind and step unhindered into this new world. Each full moon we will be shown how far we have come and what else we need to release. Personally I say use this, we are guided so perfectly, it truly is a gift.


I will hopefully post a video later to help you with this because it really is time that you all used the resources that are there for you, the moon, the solstices and equinox’s help and guide me in ways that I cannot really explain and they are constant. Whilst in the heart of my processing work these were my guides, every two weeks I was shown plainly and sometimes harshly where my issues lay and the work I needed to do and every two weeks I was shown how much I had released the space I had cleared and the new energies coming. In two weekly cycles I could practice my manifestation skills, which are directly linked to the amount of inner work and releasing I was doing.


There are signs everywhere to show you how you are doing, don’t be blind to these any longer, use them!


Take this new moon to set your intentions for the coming cycle, make a commitment and a gift to yourself to leave the old behind. Become consciously aware in each moment to stop yourself pulling the old back in out of habit. You can do this!


Throw out the idea of better the devil you know, know that you have so much inner strength and fortitude that it would blow your socks off, you can do this, you can bring in the change and you can overcome your fears. They are not real and they are not grounded in anything, it is just fear!


You deserve to be happy, to feel joy and unconditional love, no one has the right to manipulate control or punish. You have the power to make your dreams come true and change the world, honestly and truly, this isn’t just some fluffy love and light platitude, I have lived it, I teach it and I watch the transformations in others. So stop wishing for a better future, that future is right here right now and the bounty is out of this world.


As I play laugh sing and dance in the beautiful sunshine without a care in the world, so many of you are stood in your dark cave facing the wall, and that believe it or not is your choice, an unconscious one maybe but your choice nonetheless.


So how about you turn round and come and join me, there is no door on your cave, no jailer, it just requires that you turn around and see.


I am Here to answer any questions you have…I think I may start posting your questions on my wall as I think it would benefit everyone although of course I will keep it anonymous.


Have a wonderful new day and think about the new beginnings you are bringing in.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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