March 26th 2017 Energy Forecast

March 26th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are well, although once again sleep seems rather different much heavier with a lot more going on, pay attention to your dreams and write them down, they may have messages for you.


There is a strong and stable feel to the energy this morning , it feels like structure and grounding. Can you feel it? Do you feel a little more secure today? Less out on a limb or dangling in the breeze?


This does feel like a kind parent, protecting you, sheltering you from the rain, it’s that protective energy that you really don’t need to worry about anything other than what you are do. For a day or two the responsibility is lifted from your shoulders, you don’t need to make any decisions, you can be in the moment, feeling your way into life with no concerns as you know you are being protected and guided. This is the energy that says sssshhhhhh go and play everything will be ok.


Enjoy this and take the time to take a leap of faith, to entertain for a moment the possibility that life really has changed, that the rules of the game and the playing field has really changed. Allow for a moment the idea that you can create whatever you desire easily and that is encouraged rather than frowned upon or judged as being selfish or self-indulgent. Think what it would be like if your life was no longer a series of ups and down, great times often followed by conflict and hurt…what if………?

Everything I say in my experience is true, I feel it, I live it and I am it. When I check in with other mystics around the world we are all seeing feeling and knowing the same thing!


Time to get your head around the fact that this is real, it isn’t wishful thinking or just the experience of mystics. The last gateway during the equinox, the latest of many gateways since 25/12/12 provided us with the most recognisable shift into the New Paradigm of Unity yet! The world has changed, we have been changing are you ready to bring all that together?


So the energy today is a bit like a parent on the weekend before the small child begins school for the first time. It is on their mind and they worry a bit about it but at the moment they are in the stable secure bubble of their parents protection, they know everything is going to be ok so they try not to sweat the small stuff.


So spend day with an open heart and mind and ask….What if……What if this is all true?


Have a fabulous day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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