March 24th 2017 Energy Forecast

March 24th 2017 Energy Forecast

believe you can

Good Morning and wow the energy really is rather inspirational, do you feel yourself guided, pulled or pushed by an invisible force? Do you feel like the momentum is building and something amazing is about it happen? Well yes it is but it isn’t about to happen to you, you are about to create it!


Please try manifesting and I will guarantee that you will be surprised, the energy is supportive of your creativity.


There is so much going on at the moment, especially during sleep, messages will be coming to you in dreams, huge amounts of healing on every level is happening, so start each morning completely fresh and without expectation, each day really is a new dawn.


As we head into the weekend it really is a time to think about your connections, not only to other people on the earth but to the earth itself, the animals the trees, the water. Every time I see a bird or animal I look at it, greet it and feel it is me and am it. For that moment we exist within each other. The same with water I feel it flow through me just as I am a drop within its vast sea. It is the same with everything , we are truly connected you just need to see that and feel it, knowing isn’t enough.


If you have animals you will know this already, extend that knowing feeling and connection outward to all things but also become more aware of the connections you already have. With my dogs the moment I have a thought they physically react to it. I don’t even really need to be aware of that thought. We may be watching a movie and the second I think oh I need to go to the toilet they have jumped up and are making their way downstairs and sometimes they have jumped up before I am even aware I need the loo. Develop this further, until you accept and believe because from there you can reach the stars.


So much in life is about what you believe, we tend to admire the cynical or think practicality is more worthy or down to earth. Years ago I was dismissed and ridiculed by my family for my beliefs (not in a bad way, this isn’t a sad story J) But I stood strong, I didn’t need their understanding or their approval and I didn’t need to “save” them , so I would just smile, accept that was their viewpoint in that moment and carry on in my happy way. Eventually their cynicism disappeared because the proof was in the pudding, I was consistently joyful, positive, relaxed and abundant my life flowed and I became their go to girl because I made them feel so much better.


It is time you all believed, in your own power, in your ability to manifest the life of your dreams, in your own purpose, which believe me is awesome! What greater gift is there to be able to impact someone in a positive manner and without even trying, just by being.


Dreams do come true and you have spent lots of time, years in fact clearing the space so that you could see your dreams now is the time to build!


But you have to believe!


So spend some time or rather just allow these revelations to come to you about manifesting your dreams, why don’t you full believe? Why can’t you fully commit to this? What is holding you back? Where does the fear lie…..then process that!


The only person standing in your way is you….so it’s time!


And seriously believe me when I say you can do what I do, I know I say this and I know so many don’t believe me but it is true. I didn’t come here as some earth angel to guide you to nirvana, No I got dropped in the mud like the rest of you. I had a huge heart but was angry hurt and afraid, I didn’t know who I was and what I did know I didn’t particularly like, I was confused and torn between the person I had been raised to be and the person I was in my heart……just like all of us. This conflict within me is what led me to my personal development path and that is where the miracles happened.


What could I really teach you if I was an angel? The reason what I do works and the transformations are so extreme and life changing is because I am made of exactly the same stuff as you, I have walked your path, I have told myself the same lies and justifications, I love like you do and bleed like you but I found that there is another way. I took that path and now I live such a beautiful amazing life and it has been this way consistently for years. I am happy beyond belief and so can you!


So now it is time to BELIEVE this!


Happy to answer any questions you may have


A wonderful and inspiring day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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