Manifesting with ease


We are the creators of our world!

I have had the most fabulous day manifesting with ease, the energies are just perfect for creation. This is the essence of co-creation, collaborating, flowing and dancing with the universal energies. Without us it cannot take form and without it our lives are flat and seem to happen to us.

energy streams

So in my morning beach meditation I set my intention on three things, firstly my case to the ombudsman about Vodafone would be resolved in my favour, it had gone on long enough, time for this to be over.

Secondly that there would be news on the progress of the sale of my house.


Thirdly I would be shown a way forward with one aspect of my business. It was an idea I had a while back and it had popped into my mind once again yesterday. Is this an avenue I should pursue?


When I returned home there in my inbox were 3 emails,

One from the ombudsman finding in my favour,

One from my lawyer telling me the sale was progressing well

One related to the business idea I had been pondering, which I shared with an old friend who I recently reconnected with and it turns out unbeknown to us, this contact may be a friend of hers.


Manifesting is quick and easy so ensure that you are manifesting consciously or you may just create your fears.


Have fun, be creative and remember life is about loving and laughing


M xxxx


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