March 22nd 2017 Energy Forecast

March 22nd 2017 Energy Forecast

inner world

Good Morning I hope you slept well and have awoken ready and recharged to start the day. There is much going on at the moment on so many levels that I don’t think we can help but feel purposeful. Make sure that you keep yourself grounded so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or go off at a tangent. Sometimes this energy can make you feel as though you want to push forward when really you just need to pull it in a bit. Think small but intense bursts of full moon energy.


We also have the energy of solitude and reflection around us and this will be here for some time, it is different to the reflective energy we have when we are getting ready to release old cycles, this is more in the moment and is linked to being consciously aware in each moment. Reflect on your behaviour and attitude at all times, if you feel yourself getting angry or upset at someone, reflect that back on yourself, it is not them that you are reacting to, you are recognising their behaviour as your own and this is what you are rejecting.


Before you dismiss this, reflect on it for a while, we all have a friend or know at least one person that is rather vocal about the failings of others, loudly criticising them for actions or attitudes that they clearly display themselves. Are you that person? Before you say No, reflect on this.


I also feel the energy of enquiry and integrity, both different yet they go well together. It is time to stop just believing because someone said so, question it, does it feel right to you, is it your viewpoint? Question whether you need to do something or anything just because you are told to. It is time to throw away and refuse to accept those external pressures that we obey or comply with just because. It is time to be actively in your beliefs, time to find out what they really are.


Integrity is highly important, always but in particular at the moment, manifestations come quickly and much of this is about matching your energetic vibrations with that which you wish to attract. If you are acting without integrity and unconsciously then you are creating a big sticky negative mess that will leave you confused and disheartened.


Integrity goes to the very core of your being, it is the structure upon which so much rests, are you doing the right thing? Do you stand by your beliefs and convictions or is it all talk? Would you stand up for what is right even if you stand alone? Are you your own moral compass, do your actions inspire and nurture or do they confuse and denigrate. Really reflect on this and ask the questions, of yourself and also ask spirit/universe/god, what do I need to see?


I see so many people going round and round in circles, emerging themselves in the latest fad or therapy, polishing that exterior until it is shiny and sparkly. They look the part, they speak the lingo and they feel as though they are approaching their dreams but then poof it all seems to disappear but that is because it was never real in the first place. Dream creation is simple yet tricky, the first step is being totally honest with yourself and reflecting on your own behaviour.


If your life is full of ups and downs, conflicts and drama, that is because that is what you are like on the inside, your inner world has neither consistency nor unity and you are most likely blind to your responsibility in this. If you feel as though you are unlucky or happiness/wealth/love is not in your destiny or that someone is always to blame then you have some inner clearing to do….although right at this moment this post is probably triggering you, so sit with it reflect on it and then reject it if you wish but give yourself a little time.


So the energy is active and creative but also about integrity and conscious awareness, the shift has changed so much and we are experiencing states of unity like never before which at first can be a little confusing. We are used to living in a polarity, either or, now we are going to be experiencing unified states which are all/both. We will experience apparent contradictory states at the same time…’s really awesome but does take some getting used to. Please feel free to ask any questions on this…I have been playing around with this for some time.


So have a wonderful day, enjoy these energies and be very aware of what they are bringing up in you.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

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