March 20th 2017 Spring Equinox Energy

March 20th 2017 Spring Equinox Energy

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Good Morning, Good Morning, how are we all and welcome to the first day of the rest of your lives!


Today is the Equinox and I find these and the solstice’s highly significant and beneficial and if we use them they can have an impact on our lives.


So in the Northern Hemisphere we have Spring Equinox and the Southern it is Autumn. Both signify a day of balance, the night and day are equal length and this is very important on so many levels.


Look at the balance in your life and the areas that you would like to create more and then visualise it, believe it as a done deal, wish upon that equinox star but do something. Remember you are not waiting for someone to do something for you, you are the creator, giving the universe your design.


Feel the balance within you, even if this is small you will feel it magnified today so that you can truly appreciate the joy and grace that comes from inner balance. Look at emotional and mental balance, what do you want to create?


It has been a long 6 months and your dark side has been rearing up trying to be seen, you have been dismantling the dreams you thought were yours and ending relationships, jobs and situations that just didn’t support you or fill you with passion.


Karmic cycles have been broken and ended and we lost a lot of people that we held dear last year. There was so much destruction and devastation on the global and personal level and then nothing. We all went back to our caves and contemplated our belly buttons. After so much action and movement it seemed as though business was closed but we all needed time to release those old cycles, the dregs that got left behind and the habit that pulled us back.


So we spent a good 6 months in the corridor between cycles just waiting but also reflecting, looking back at who we are and who we have become.  For those that have struggled with their darker side, today is a good day to embrace and balance this, it will not overwhelm you but it does need to be recognised.


So many of you have done a lot of internal work so give yourself a little round of applause, this is great and I know how hard it has been, how painful, shocking and a little shameful at times but also liberating and empowering.


Now is the day, what you have been waiting for, a new fresh and exciting beginning. A new cycle begins today and it is completely different to anything you have experienced before so take your time with this and feel your way in. You can manifest with ease so be aware of your mind-set and language. Also be very aware of bringing old habits back in, you can create a new life for you or you can bring the old one back in, remember this.


Being consciously aware in each moment is a goal that is worthy of attaining, life changes dramatically when you live in the moment. Your energy is fresh, high vibrational and matches your manifestation intentions when you are present in the moment, it really is the only place to be.


This gateway that we walk through today, is the first step on your new cycle, it is actively pushing you forward with confidence and enthusiasm. There is no more waiting only creation, if you are ready to start your own shadow work, this is also a great time and your progress will be accelerated.


The energy is very different once we pass through the gateway, it is much lighter brighter and sophisticated, this is the energy of the Unity Paradigm and I am sure many of you will feel it. Each gateway that we pass through increases the vibrational frequency, to take the greatest advantage of this, work on raising your own vibrations.


As with each gateway it is important to make your own commitment to yourself and the planet, this is a new phase, what are you going to do differently?


As we step through this gateway this morning think of this not as an ending…as that happened months ago…this is a new beginning, a fresh start, the culmination of the last couple of years but also lifetimes.


Right here right now is the best you that has ever been, feel that and then let the world see it.


Keep up the hard work, grab those opportunities and jump through the gateway light as a bird.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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