March 19th 2017 Energy Forecast

March 19th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are well, we are all about to turn a big corner energetically and this time we are not going to look back. The energy today is rather still and feels almost like nothing, today just is what it is, a completely blank canvas.


The energy feels a little bit like a waiting room, fear and anxiety but also anticipation and excitement, these are all generated at a human level and will tell you more about yourself than anything else. If you are feeling these emotions, sit with them, see what they are telling you and use your processing techniques to release them.


I also feel the energy of creation but also abandonment & abnegation, these may seem like stange energies together but they are here to get you to throw off convention and duty, conditioning ritual and habit. Don’t do anything because you have to, because you ought or are supposed to. Time to throw to the wind the expectations of another and had them back their own disappointment or frustration.


It is time to break free from our self- imposed prison of duty and obligation, of guilt and failure. You don’t need to sacrifice yourself for potential rewards in heaven; the rewards are right here right now in this moment and it’s the only moment that counts.


We are all being super empowered to take back our lives, to create bliss and harmony, to ride the waves of love and realise the simplicity in unity.


This is not the time to be sat on the river bank offering the commentary; it’s time to jump in and flow. If you wait until you are sure of where you will land then you will miss it. This is not about persuading others to jump, this is 100% about you, so focus on that or once again you will miss it.


This time is not about what you know in your mind it is what you know from your heart, that does not always seem to follow logic or reason, so get your mind to take a back seat.


So take this day of still non- intrusive energy to allow this knowing to settle in, for it to empower and inspire you, trust me it will make you feel confident and sure.


An amazing new cycle awaits us all, it will be like stepping into a new world, so drop your expectations and fall back into your heart because then you will know.


Have a wonderful day


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

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