March 13th 2017 Energy Forecast

March 13th 2017 Energy Forecast

Good Morning, I hope you are all well and was able to sleep in the energy of the full moon, it was super emotional and although it will be with us for a few days the intensity has dropped a little this morning.
So how are you feeling? In one week we will be entering one of the most creative and empowering cycles of our lives, that is if, like most things you choose to. Can you feel it? The full moon has ushered in this period and it will culminate on the spring equinox after that time nothing will ever feel the same again. Unless of course you choose to look the other way.
Free will and a widened conscious awareness has never been so important. Things don’t just happen to us we create them and allow them in our lives. Most often these things are here to teach us a lesson or get us to look at some imbalance within, if we continually point the finger in blame we miss the lesson and the value.
I didn’t become joyful and balanced by repeating affirmations or acting in a certain way ( although as part of your development these things play a part) I experienced dramatic transformation by rolling up my sleeves, putting my phone on silent and delving into the darkest ickiest side to me. Dealing with one trigger at a time until I finally saw the whole of me, warts and all….that is the hardest bit, then you can bring it all into the light, balance and release. It works, as people who have taken my course can testify. To experience true unity this is what you need to do, you can’t go round it or under it, you can choose to sit and ignore it but that is where you will stay.
So the Universal energies are here to support you in this, they are urging you to turn and look within at your shadow side because all our abilities to manifest are going to be supercharged after the equinox and you will want to be clear about what you are manifesting without your fears distorting this.
You should try some simple manifestations, try it will small notes, try and manifest £/$ 5 it’s fun too.
Be very aware of yourself in each moment, become aware of how you feel in that moment on all levels, this is a time to be an active participant and explorer of your own life, be aware of everything, you are not just along for the ride.
Follow the cues of how you feel, follow the breadcrumbs as that is where your answers lie.
Have a wonderful day, please feel free to ask any questions, always happy to help.
Love and laughter Michele xxxxx
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