March 12th 2017 Energy Forecast

March 12th 2017 Energy Forecast

solstice full moon
Good Morning, Good Morning, how is everyone? I am thankfully back to normal with a slight improvement. We are in the amazing energy of the full moon, leading to excitement and eagerness or irritation or anger. Whatever you experience use it don’t let it control you.
We are in a fabulous time period, do you remember how so many big cycles ended for us last year and it was pretty difficult and intense at times. That the last couple of months have all been about us being in our corridor, in between cycles. A time of waiting but also reflecting and releasing, ensuring that when our next cycle came along we would be ready because this was going to be a totally new vibrational cycle for us all, more unity and less duality.
That time that we have been waiting for is pretty much here and there are going to be dramatic transformations in most people’s lives over the next couple of weeks culminating around the Spring Equinox.
So what is occurring in your life right now, what have you created, this full moon is the result or the harvest of the intentions you put out there during the new moon eclipse. So look at this over the next few days and see what you have created.
As with most full moons our experiences can be polar opposites, for some it brings excitement with a calm grounding for others it leads to anger and upset and this moon in particular seems to be bringing with it conflict and fear. Many relationships will break down irrevocably and people will feel compelled to break free from oppressive or just unhappy relationships.
This is a wonderful and empowering time so it is important to keep an eye on your mind-set. Great change can bring a lot of fear, which translates into negative states and it shows itself in surprising way. There will be some that have revelations at this time but try and keep these to yourself for now until they are more stable and integrated within you. Don’t get evangelical about it, we are all going through the same transformations so you don’t need to run around saving or enlightening anyone. Keep a check on this as it is very easy to fall into and most people do at some point.
Just remember that everyone is going through this time period, everyone is experiencing transformation, everyone is being shown their life and situation from a wider perspective, and everyone is either struggling or becoming an expert manifestor. Whatever amazing things that are happening to you are happening to everyone, so for now keep it private. This is not a race or a competition this is something private that is important to you. It’s a bit like when you fall in love, this is precious to you so you tend to keep it to yourself for a while, where you stay in that little bubble.
So enjoy this fabulous energy and use what it is showing you. Be aware of what you have manifested since the eclipse last month and have gratitude for that. Use this energy of opposites, the sun is opposite the moon, to see what needs reconciling and balancing in you.
This shift has also brought with it an increase in your physic abilities and knowing, develop this. It is time to consistently bring action together with your dreams. Life is like the lottery, winning will not just flow into your life if you don’t buy a ticket. Don’t confuse doing nothing with going with the flow or you will be still here in 12 months’ time wondering why nothing is changing.
Have an amazing, awe-filled day and just ask how am I today?
Lots of love and laughter and so pleased to be back Michele xxxxxx
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