March 2nd 2017 Energy Forecast

March 2nd 2017 Energy Forecast

Good Morning and I hope that you are well. The energy today is rather quiet yet powerful, still yet strong and grounded. It has an almost clear glass like quality to it, jewel like and there is lots of bright coloured energy but it isn’t fast and zappy. I am not sure what it is but it’s time to live your life in glorious technicolour.

Ah as I sit here this fabulous energy is weaving itself into a carpet or path, I am seeing the Emperor’s new clothes but that is all going on to one side and this bright and colourful path is leading the way to greener sunnier pastures.

It’s time to turn away from the drama, pomp and ceremony it is nothing but a distraction and flimsy one at that. Although The Emperor makes lots of fuss and noise, it is nothing, meaningless, fake, just an old and dusty relic of what we are supposed to believe, to invest in.

It’s time to turn away and realise that the beauty, the gems are our own path, not at the end of it but the path itself. There is no greater experience than waking up with joy in your heart ready to explore another day. When looking at the macro, our lives can seem pretty routine and regular but our micro experiences, those little random encounters, those simple experiences that make our hearts swell, that is life, if we recognise and appreciate those moments we can create more.

Our lives like this amazing jewel like energy can be lived in glorious technicolour yet we continue to focus on the tiny black and white TV that tells us we can’t or this life is not for the likes of us. We suspend living in the now to chase the illusion of fame and riches that is thrown at us from the 2D world of the TV, without realising that the real thing is right here right now, your life is that brightly coloured path.

Right this moment the energy is there for you, laying out your path in front of you, so go on take that first step. It’s ok this is stable energy, the rug won’t get pulled from beneath, it is not all going to disappear. If you make that commitment, if you step up then the Universe will always come to meet you.

Have a wonderful day

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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