March 1st 2017 Energy Forecast

March 1st 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning and I hope you are well, so we are in March and for many people around the world we are also observing Lent.


This is a time of turning our attention to our physical body, our vessel of light and removing from the diet all substances that slow down our vibrational rate. The higher we vibrate the more light we can bring in and transmit. This in turn also turns us towards our spiritual journey, our relationship with ourselves and the Universe/God/Divine Mother.


I don’t often talk of religious festivals or rituals however the energy of this is strong as so many around the world are focused on it and religious or not this is something that you can join in with. You too can tap into this contemplative energy and make a commitment to observe.


Traditionally meat and dairy are removed from the diet, these are very dense low vibrational food and often raw food replaces cooked meals, again another source or high vibrational food. Alcohol and fried foods are also avoided, again low vibrational foods.


Eliminating these from your diet for a short period has huge benefits on your health, emotional state, peace of mind and clarity of thought. The more light you are able to bring into your system the light language & wisdom you are able to receive. We all bring in the light, we are all beings of the light, however the strength and quality of that light, the quality of the connection and the information and enlightenment received depends very much on how high you personally vibrate and how clean your physical vessel is. So for example if you had two Reiki Healers, if one ate meat and drank alcohol and the other didn’t their quality of healing would differ significantly purely on the vibrational rate of the energy/light they were able to hold.


The next highly significant energetic dates for us are 21st March and 28th March, where we will all experience a big shift/boost/upgrade in our energy, many years ago Mystics from around the world all stood together as channels for a new energetic operating system a new lovelightjoy language….this is going to be happening again around these dates. Do you want to be part of this?


If so you have 3 weeks to try something different and see how it feels. Remember this has to come from your heart not your mind, don’t rush off converting to veganism as this is not what this is about and you are likely to fail. Don’t do this because you think you should, do this because you want to, because you want to experience life at its fullest, because you want to feel energised and passionate , because you want to feel part of something, truly connected.


Re-connect with your body, open that dialogue and then just go with the flow. If you already work with energy but still eat meat and drink etc then just try this for a couple of weeks and then see how your connection and healing goes to a new level.


So let’s all join together to observe this time, group energy and intention is incredibly powerful and just think how many people around the world are connected into this right now, so let’s reconnect with our physical bodies and with our true purpose….to be holders of the light….it is this way that we can become one with the Universe/God/Divine Feminine.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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