Is your mind making your body sick?


My body wants what it wants because it knows what it needs right there and then to maintain optimum efficiency.

Things only go wrong  when the mind gets involved !

Your mind will create ill-health, even if the conscious intentions seem good

Even “good” foods can have negative effects if taken when your body just doesn’t need it!

In my business life I employ experts to do what I can’t , HR, Legal, Accounting, Tech, Social Media, PR the list goes on, In a meeting I wouldn’t dream of asking the tech guy for legal advice.

Same with our systems, when it comes to putting fuel in our body ask the body what it needs, because our emotions will ask for donuts, our mind will either be on a diet, indulging in the latest trend or eating by habit and conditioning

So back away from the sugary laden chemical sticks of death, that’s a given but also back away from the diet stuff and never eat what you think you should or ought, you are eating from your mind and that will F you up



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