February 19th 2017 Energy Forecast

February 19th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning, I hope you slept well, we had a big shift of energy in the night, can you feel it? It was almost like a bit of pressure of in the air, like there was something that you had forgotten to do, or something not so great was coming, it was a mild feeling in the background but this morning it is all gone and the energy is very light and bright.


The energy of Joy is swirling around by the bucket load. Pure, deep, consistent Joy, Joy is different to happiness in that it just is. We become happy but we are joyful. Joy is a stable inner state whereas happiness is an outward expression.


Joy is a wonderful thing, sit with it get to know it, welcome it in to your system, ask it to stay. Joy is to be shared and revelled in but also just sitting and being in the moment, looking at your world and being joyful about it.


The world really is an amazing wonderful and miraculous place, as are the people in it. Yes there are issues and problems but how you see that all depends on whose agenda you are trying to follow.

I rarely see problems, I see lots of fear, confusion, disempowerment, depression, anger and deception but this is not because they are bad people, and this is not because it is inevitable. It is because they have been led down that path, as have you. With schooling media and conditioning creating a warped and negative mind-set, food and drink affecting our brain emotions and physical wellbeing, fear is pumped into us almost constantly from babies, fear makes us conform and isolates us. Fear of our fellow man is the most cruel and insidious form of disempowerment.

To turn upon, to criticise judge and condemn our fellow citizens of the earth makes me cry, these are our brothers and sisters and every single one of them carries a little part of me. They are our greatest source of strength inspiration and compassion as we are theirs. Reaching out a hand to help is as natural as breathing, yet we have been bred to distrust to hate to beat and feel better than.


So the problems we have in society are not down to a small section of awful people, these problems were created by powers that we don’t see, the corporations that feed us, educate us, nanny us, let’s not turn on our fellow citizens, see it for what it is and hold your hand out to those people, stop being told what to think and what to be afraid of and outraged by. Instead look at the joy love compassion and inspiration that comes when we let our guard down and just be with another.


Ok so that was not the way I thought a post about joy would go halakha but then what better place to start this enquiry into the very structure of your life than when you are in a place of joy.


Part of my job is to be a catalyst, starting a chain reaction of thoughts and perceptions that often leave you with a much widened perspective; nothing is ever the same again. I hear almost daily, even from casual acquaintances at the supermarket….”do you know when everything changed for me when you said ………” it is that easy to kick start an awakening….a true awakening not the love and light façade. I am not attached to what I say, there is no agenda, and it just tumbles out of my mouth often forgotten in the next moment. I am like a radio just amplifying the message, I didn’t create it or plan it I am just the conduit…..as we all are.


So take this awesome joyful energy, feel it be it and then take some time to look at the society you live in, your own judgement and condemnations, then look at the bigger picture and then the bigger picture and then find love for every single being because just like you they are worthy.


Lots and lots of love and laughter and a hugely joyous day Michele xxxxxx

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