February 18th 2017 Energy Forecast

February 18th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are well, receiving lots of messages in your dreams? The veil is very thing, communication is high and the spirits are banging about a lot. This does not seem to be a problem though, just letting us know they are there, should we need them.


So turn to them, talk to them, feel them. They are most likely related to you in some way and want to bring you comfort. When we lose someone close say a parent we just wish we could spend one more day with them and we can, we can spend many more days with them just not in the same way, however the connection is just as real and the benefits just as warming, it just takes a little practice and a shift in mind-set.


There is just so much more to this experience of life than the day to day which is why it is so important to shake it up and stay as consciously aware in each moment as you can. This is a rich life of past present and future, of idea’s and discoveries, hopes and inspiration, of love and excitement, sharing and solitude and this all happens in a moment and we can tap into all of it but it passes most people by.


So take your intrigue and your curiosity and go explore, rather than just say oh that was weird and then move on. Do something with it, follow the signs of synchronicity don’t just observe them, there is so much spirit can teach you if you take their hand and trust. I learned so much including how to interpret messages from above from Simon Banham the first year after he died, Simon was a good friend and turned out to be my greatest teacher. Think of what would never have been if I didn’t take his hand in trust in that first meditation.


When you begin that inner journey your dreams and desires change, the world becomes a simpler place and all the drama and window dressing really doesn’t matter.


I was asked the other day about the impact I have on people and it is really simple, the most common statement to me is….everything changed for me when you said…… I just throw out an alternative perspective on their issue. They do the rest. It is never for me to have any attachment to what I say, I am detached from the person and their issues so I am not motivated by adopting any roles or needing to “help”. Sometimes it triggers their ego and they attack or run away, sometimes it’s like water off a ducks back and sometimes it triggers a chain reaction in them and their perspective widens and then everything changes. You cannot unsee the seen.


It is that simple, we cannot truly know the impact we have on others and it really doesn’t matter. If I am in a position to sprinkle some breadcrumbs on your path then that is what I will do, what you do with those breadcrumbs is your prerogative and besides whatever your reaction I am usually half way down the path talking to the ladybirds, the sprinkling of the breadcrumbs but a distant memory.


You can do all of this too so get your head around that over the weekend, believe it to be true and then see where it takes you.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxx


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