February 17th 2017 Energy Forecast


February 17th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good morning and I hope you slept well, I did until my rude awakening from a deep sleep by spirit but that’s another story.


The energy of passion is all around at the moment and will be with us for some time, now we can go either way with this, we can channel it into sexual desire or it light the torch paper within and your passion is a practice or pursuit that fills your heart. So what is your passion? What are you passionate about? What knowledge does that drive you to seek? What is it that you could talk about for hours and hours with no drop in intensity?


Find your passion and do more of it. If you find that your passion is being directed towards a person then step back and look at that, are you driven by fear?


Passion generates its own energy so can keep going way beyond reason, so find your passion plug in and then roll with it.


Listen to your physical body, it will show you where your passion lies, soothe the ego who will try and put you off and then take that leap. There is nothing wrong with exploring this further. It is not bad or selfish, silly or wreckless, hearts passion is different from ego passion though so take some time to sit with it.


The question to ask yourself over the weekend is this……Am I happy ? Deep down consistent happiness which is Joy, Do I feel joyful every day? Right here right now am I happy or am I still waiting for something for happiness to come….house move job change etc?


We only ever have this moment right now, that is it, so we owe it ourselves to be happy in this moment right? It’s no good being retroactively happy as that means nothing.


So time to take care of the now people….


My intentions are to organise 2 live webinars, One on Processing, why and what is it and the other on being happy in the now. These will be free but I will ask that you sign up for them. More details to follow.


So time to find your passion, You could try the free meditations on my website in particular finding your heart truths, then you can dig below the surface of what you should be and what you can’t do and find out what you really want.


Have a wonderful day, Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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