February 16th 2017 Energy

February 16th 2017 Energy


Good Morning I hope you are well. It feels like ages since I wrote last, although it is only one day, that’s the shifts that occur when you do your processing.  I put my house up for sale and that triggered some fear within me, I processed that fear, balanced and released it and then someone made an appointment to view it, that is the beauty of processing.


So this morning there feels a slight shift in the energy, it feels more subtle and grounded, today and into the weekend this energy is about structure and foundations. You have cleared the ground, now to start building. We have a big shift coming up next month when things are really going to pick up speed, the energy will be active and dynamic and we are all going to be propelled forward into our dreams. So let’s make them grounded.


Today is a one foot in front of the other day, tiny steps are still great progress and will often be the most longstanding, don’t try and rush forward take your time and enjoy the process. Staying consciously aware in each moment.


There is however a word of caution, this energy can trigger the authoritarian in some, the rule keeper. Mix this with fear of change and it can result in some very rigid and restrictive behaviour and viewpoint. Keep an eye on this, if you feel that you need to point out someone is breaking the rules or doing something wrong and if this triggers a reaction in you then you need to look at the fear within, what is it that you are afraid of.


It is also time to look at compliance within us, why do we comply to what other people tell us to, mainly because we deem them to be some mysterious “authority” We need to learn the difference between a law and a rule, an order and a request. We give up too easily on our dreams because “someone” says no


So Chip chip chip away at your dreams today, make little inroads into your path to success. You have cleared the area now plant the seeds, then watch and wait, tending, giving thanks with faith that come spring you will see the shoots begin to appear.


Have a lovely quiet and productive day.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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