February 14th 2017 Energy Forecast

February 14th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are all well, the energy is becoming more spring like with every day, I feel the energies vibrating much higher over the last week and everything feels much lighter. I am also loving the enthusiasm and commitment coming from my clients, such courage and boldness, ready to make the changes. This has been a fabulous shift since the full moon and is going to gain in momentum.


I kept seeing holly and ivy with a gold thread running through it, which I had to look up and it is the symbol for rebirth and fertility, Hope and Springtime, so very relevant for today.


These are indeed great times energetically where a great deal can be achieved if you work in balance with all of your bodies, clear mind, balanced emotions, strong physicality and a heart in charge and an understanding of our motives and desires. There is creative energy in abundance and we all have it in us to co-create great beauty and value.


There is also a clean crisp expansiveness, the decks have been cleared and the world really is our oyster, take this time and space to breath and to see your life from an elevated perspective, time to see the bigger picture, it may just be that final puzzle piece .


It is important now and as we move throughout the year for you to have your daily practices, cleansing and grounding, energy maintenance, meditation and a state of Samadhi, a daily increase of conscious awareness. The choice is yours but a slight tweak to your daily routines could make a big impact on what you create in your life.


Are you ready to bring it all together? Are you willing to leap before you know where you will land just because you know in your heart it is right? Are you willing to forgive everyone for everything including yourself, put down blame and replace it with reflection and self- enquiry, looking for the lesson for you?


If you are, then the energy supports you in everything you do!


Have a wonderful day lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxx


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