February 13th 2017 Energy Forecast

February 13th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning and I hope you are well and enjoyed your weekend the energy was rather lovely. So the energy today is like so many things in life,  that fine line between opposites, Moving away from a duality means our concepts about life will also change, our understanding will widen and we will be more accepting of these seemingly contradictory states.


So while we have active energy that is urging us to move forward in the physical, to put our plans into action, to make those first steps towards our goal, we also have the energy of stability and equilibrium. It is wise not to go off on a tangent or go to any extremes.


For example sometimes when we have a new idea/concept or viewpoint we can be a little overzealous. We are excited and inspired and what to do something immediately. The newly awakened can be a bit like this. They get a glimpse of the bigger picture and want to run off spread the word and save everyone, everything has to be done now and their lives are dominated by trying to save those they judge as asleep. Eventually, although not always, they calm down, let the new concepts settle in, realise that there is even more to the picture and this is not about saving people but about their own inner journey. The saviour complex is just another way an imbalanced ego keeps you locked in position with the illusion of moving forward.


So take some time this week to let your new ideas and concepts settle in, what does it mean to you. Take time in your meditation or shower to ask to be shown the way and make that commitment to act on the signs you receive, go where your heart leads.


If you find yourself being a little overzealous, if you want to shout it from the roof tops, if you want to convince others to follow you or join you in your new business venture or whatever, just take a moment out, let those emotions settle and look at it with fresh eyes in the morning.


Often this energy we are feeling is to encourage us and spur us on not to be confused with being a superhero. Like most things in life this is not about other people it is about us.


The energies around us are pretty amazing and we have had some great opportunities to work on our shadow sides and to release issues and conditioning from the past. However make sure you are not missing this and being a servant for the ego instead.


The ego is a master of illusion, an imbalanced one that is.  So if you feel that you are here to save others, to show them the way, to heal cure and energy balance them, often without their permission or knowledge, then you are dealing with an imbalanced ego. If you put your own needs behind the idea that you are here to help or save others, this is the sign of an imbalanced ego. If you feel you know something that others don’t and that makes you responsible for them, yep you guessed it that is an imbalanced ego.


I was having a chat last night and many people confuse egotistical behaviour with having an ego. That people with a big or imbalanced ego are conceited, self -obsessed and arrogant, whereas those that always put others first, have feelings of being unworthy and tirelessly work for nothing, putting their wellbeing last in order to serve have a small ego which is more acceptable. The first is being egotistical but both are signs of an imbalanced ego and are not healthy and will ultimately keep you from developing further.


So take this active energy but use it quietly and privately. Big changes are occurring within and you need to take the time and make the space for these to ripple out into your physical world and for you to see the next step.


Take action when your heart pushes you forward, this week I feel you will learn when to act and when to reflect. Also when your truths come from your heart, there is no need to shout about it, it is a quiet private knowing and that is the beauty of it.


Have a wonderful day, hopefully I will be doing a live meditation later this afternoon.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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