February 12th 2017 Energy

February 12th 2017 Energy


Good afternoon, so big shifts last night, universally but also personally. We ended a big cycle and now we are moving out of the full moon energy, have you allowed a new cycle to begin different from the past?


The energy around and coming in throughout next week is about attention to detail, pushing forward those plans and making things happen but keep balanced, it is delicate balance knowing how to flow properly. We need to attend to things in our lives to make them happen yet at the same time we need to know when to wait and when to move, when we are pushing something forward through fear or an imbalanced ego and when to jump at an opportunity and sign from the universe.


I know many spiritually minded people who are very poor and struggle with ill health and failing businesses, the reason being they misunderstand flow and think it is about doing nothing, just allowing everything to fall into place, everything is exactly as it should be, well yes and no, you still have to be an active participant, taking that responsibility and making a commitment.


It is the same with positive affirmations and being positive, those that love and light it all over the show without doing their own inner work will never manifest consistently or their true desires, they may however manifest hardship and struggle as that is their story. Don’t get me wrong these are lovely people but they are kind of missing the point and stay trapped in their own limitations.


I feel the energy of determination and authority but not in the government kind of way, our own authority, we know what is best for us and we are our own best authority, bear that in mind.


So it’s time to get out there and make things happen, I start each morning in my shower meditation saying showing me what I need to know today, show me the path to fulfil my dreams. I willing ready and accepting to creating the life of my dreams/desires. I am willing and committed to doing my part. I will follow your lead, leap at your signs with gratitude joy and love in my heart.


Then it all just lays out in front of me but it is up to me whether I take those steps or sit down and study my navel, that is the free will part of our miraculous flowing journey.


Have a wonderful day, Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

Ps I will be doing another live meditation tomorrow and will hopefully do one every few days but don’t forget to check out www.micheleelizabeth.co.uk for more free meditations but also the launch of my new online courses. They really are fab and I am recording them at the moment.

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All of my courses have been developed from my own journey and have been proven time and time again to bring extraordinary results. The main comment from my clients and students is “I just can’t believe it”


SO keep your eyes out for the launches and if anyone is interested in working one to one I have a few spots still free so get in touch.


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