February 11th 2017 Energy Forecast

February 11th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning, How is everyone, did you see the lunar eclipse last night? The cloud cover here was too great and then I feel asleep, although the beautiful energy it brings is still with us and we will be drawing this in, later this afternoon in a live meditation. I love love love working with the energy of the moon and this one is particularly loving nurturing and comforting, well that is how I am experiencing it. The moon can affect people in different ways depending upon what they have coming up so if this is making you feel a little antsy take some time to ground and see what is coming up for you.


I also want to do a meditation with you so that we can really walk through this gateway unburdened, with a shift in perspective that will open up so many possibilities for you. Together lets release those limiting beliefs that say you are not good enough, this is the way it will always be, that life is not for the likes of me, I am destined to be poor, alone or sick. You have done so much work over the last few months so let’s take it one step further.


Take some time in the energy of this moon to look at the last year and especially the last quarter, what has come to an end for you, what has run its course? What behaviour on your part is no longer of service to you? How much drama do you create in your life? Ask this question under the moon and then be prepared for the answer. We are all 100% responsible for everything that comes and happens in our lives, the more we point the finger and blame the more we are hiding from ourselves the true issue at hand, the more we hide the less we grow.


Whilst we have such loving energy around it is time to really look at what you are hiding from, what are you scared of? Where are you not acting with integrity, where are you not stepping up and owning your shit, where are you distracting yourself by trying to “save” others, when in fact you need the help?


Just take a look at this today, join me for the meditation later and then as we move into the new week we are entering a new and wonderful cycle, the energies will change and become strong and active but that is for later, for now enjoy this energy and spread the love.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

#moonenergy #love #energyforecast #lunareclipse #iloveyou


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