February 10th 2017 Energy

February 10th 2017 Energy


Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy today is more gentle and nurturing than you would expect from a full moon, which comes into Leo tomorrow, however this isn’t any ordinary moon, it is an eclipse and an important gateway for us all.


Today and tomorrow signifies an end to the intense period we have all been experiencing since September, the last lunar eclipse, a time that saw so much come up and happen for us. Long cycles ending or coming up for release, the gateway of the solstice and the awesome pillars of new vibrational light and language, not to mention the karmic whip that is still settling or coming to its conclusion.


We have all been in the corridor between cycles, reflecting and releasing, forgiving and being grateful. We have all had great changes occur within us physiologically as well as mentally and emotionally and we are all vibrating at a higher rate than before.


Now is our time to move through that gateway, fresh and unburdened, without expectation. Now this will take great courage, these things always do, hence the Leo Moon, not only do you have that by the bucket load the universal energies are also there to help you. We can all do this! New beginnings and possibilities’ are scary even if it is what we want. We are programmed to feel safe in a “better the devil you know” kind of way but it’s ok, time to take a leap of faith.


The energy today and over the next few days feels like a kind, mildly concerned and nurturing grandfather. The type the loves the bones of you but won’t mollycoddle you and knows your inner strength and pushes you to find that for yourself….it reminds me of cowboy energy.


This is also a great moon and the energy is around for romance and love. Making someone’s face light up because you want to make them happy is priceless and beautiful as you too are able to share that moment.


We also have the energy of truth, so time to spill the beans on how you feel, never assume that people know, tell them show them, it’s great. It may make you feel vulnerable but so what better that than a life of regret or misunderstandings.


Express how you feel, it really doesn’t matter if they don’t feel the same as that is not the reason for expressing yourself, your feelings are not dependent upon reciprocation, your feelings are valid no matter what and expressing that is liberating.


Drop the games and the pretence, drop the image and the brick wall, nothing bad can ever come from saying I love You, I appreciate it but the greatest gift we can give anyone we love is to say I see you….and mean it.


Take some time out to really look at the loved ones in your life and see them for who they are. Not who you see through labels or familiarity but as people in their own right with feelings, desires, fears and experience and love them for that, have gratitude they are in your life.


So this is going to be one doozy of a weekend and it is wonderful, as I sit here I feel as though the moon is wrapping me in a great big duvet yet at the same time gently guiding me to the arena where I am about to perform the ride of my life.


To help us all take full advantage of this beautiful gateway I will be doing a live meditation here tomorrow so I really hope you can join me, I will post times later.


So have a wonderful beautiful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

#fullmoon #fullmooninleo #energeticgateway #newbeginnings #dailyenergy #fullmooneclipse


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