February 9th 2017 Energy forecast

February 9th 2017 Energy forecast


Good Morning I hope you are well, sorry for no post yesterday but these are busy times and I had to hit the road running.


So how are things in your world? Can you begin to see and feel the changes? These may be subtle and just a slight shift in perspective or attitude or you may find that your life is changing externally, new job or home or maybe you are moving away from people, just take a little time to notice.


You are making those changes, they are not happening to you, every time you choose to step away from drama and negativity and follow your heart you are stepping into your power.  The Universe is responding to you and well done, there is drama all around and most people are addicted, drama comes in all shapes and sizes and sometimes you think you are just concerned but it is drama in disguise. Drama gets you looking down instead of up and going round in circles instead of moving forward and it is seductive and addictive, so well done every time you rise above it.


Keep this in mind as the energy around is urging us and even compelling us to stand in our power, to direct our own lives, this freaks out an imbalanced ego, so you may suddenly find more drama in your life, it is nothing but a distraction, don’t let the ego distract or fool you.


This may also trigger fear and anxiety in you and others so just be aware of this. What more you are probably thinking as this year and in fact the last 6 months have been a rollercoaster of reflection and emotion, not only dealing with our own issues and ending cycles but also that of others. It may seem as though we are going round in circles we aren’t we are making progress, it’s just they were big cycles we ended in December and the karmic whip is still settling so give it time.


When things do change for you it will seem as though it happened all of a sudden or you will have a flash of insight, a eureka moment and then you will know what to do.


I also feel the energy of individuality coming in , it is time to be focused and committed, distractions will lead you from your path, although the advice from others can be extremely helpful, now is the time to go within to seek the answers, as you know. At this time of ego imbalance in so many, with fear and change going around relying too closely on others and their opinions may just validate your own stuck position.


Now this may take you out of your comfort zone but it is worth it, great growth will occur. It is tough to challenge or disagree with a person who has an imbalanced ego, trust me that is my job and sometimes, well let’s just say I run for cover, an ego that is being challenged can be vicious. However it is never personal, as much as they may make it that, A frightened hurt and cornered animal will lash out and this is no different.


You may all want to develop a strategy to deal with this as we are going to be dealing with it more and more and the last thing you want to do is get caught up in their ego drama.


So be aware of the drama and continue stepping into your power, processing your baggage, balancing your duality within and creating the life of your dreams.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


Here as always if you have any questions


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