February 7th 2016 Energy Forecast

February 7th 2016 Energy Forecast


Good morning, the energy seems a little less in your face today although it is still digging deep so be prepared for memories or emotions to knock you off guard, just remember that it is ok, you are just feeling them on their way out.


You may feel the need to be at home, sorting and pottering and that is fine too, don’t own any of these as permanent, you are just flowing on the energetic waves.


Oh wow we have some strong energies coming in, they are purple gold and green and it feels regal, these are going to help you reclaim your own sovereignty , to reclaim your own power, which is your birth-right. In every area you have power and a voice, you have a point of view, feelings, thoughts, ideas and inspirations and all of these are real and valid. You have a right to them, even if they change with the wind, they still belong to you and have power.


It is time to be bold and courageous, to stand up for what you believe and what you want. To stick your head above the parapet and say this is who I am and I love it. You are not silly or stupid, crazy or deluded but you are ready. You have been waiting and waiting and waiting  and soon the new cycle will begin for all but you need to be ready to leap. It is easier to leap into the unknown when you know who you are and you know what your heart wants, all the rest is just scenery and experience.


As always have love gratitude and compassion on hand at all times, this will kick off fear in some, which could be projected inwards as anxiety or outwards as blame or anger, try not to judge condemn or run away.


There are going to be times that it will be difficult to be heard over the amount of people all stepping up but remember this is not a competition, we really are all in this together, no one is better than anyone else, regardless of how long you have been on your journey and if you think for one moment that you are special, or that those that are not awake are to be pitied, saved or pushed out of the way, then your ego is doing a great number on you and you are not as conscious aware and enlightened as you may think and it may be time to go back to basics.


Awakening or spiritual development is not linked to days and years, it is based on courage and commitment, someone who woke up few months ago can progress faster than someone who has been loving and lighting it for 20 years based on their commitment to facing their shadow side and stepping into their dreams.


So a real mixed bag once again, it is super important that you ground every single day and as often as you can as the universal energies coming in are very strong and pretty amazing, so we ground for our own stability but also to feed the earth.


It is also very important to breathe and take time out, if you feel yourself getting panicky then just take some time out.


Allow the tears and the revelations to flow.


Most of all know that you are doing great work, don’t suppress those fears and keep walking


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

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