February 6th 2017 Energy

February 6th 2017 Energy

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Good Morning I hope you had a fabulous weekend, the energy is still very up and down and may make you feel a little crazy but just go with it, don’t fight it or suppress it. February is a month of having of foot in each camp, the past and the future, you will be excited and want to push forward into your new life/cycle/opportunities yet at the same time your past seems to be coming up in your face.


This is so we can really look at the lessons learned and let them go, if we feel bad about something, we have to look at it face on and find forgiveness and let it go.


If we are angry with someone else, we need to put to one side judgement and blame, find compassion and forgiveness and let it go. Often we find the blame we heap on others is just our own issue projected on someone else, this is a normal part of our journey, recognition of this leads to healing, forgiveness of self and letting go.


So the energy is here to help us even though it may in the short term make us feel pretty awful, the key here is not fighting it or supressing it but seeing it for what it is and going with the process, Now of course this is going to affect people differently depending upon their relationship with their ego and how balanced it is. Those in fear already will be catapulted into more fear or anxiety as they are being asked to look at the fear and darkness within, when this happens people tend to project those issues outwards and have problems issues and arguments with those around them, recognise this for what it is, don’t get caught up in their ego drama, send love and compassion but walk away.


Be wary of being triggered into over-doing, many fail to see they have an imbalanced ego as they are always helping or saving others, they feel they have great insight into others issues and it is their duty to help, this is just avoiding their own issues but also they are drawn to the issues in others that are most raw in themselves. Issues they cannot access from their unconscious as their ego is standing guard, shouting nothing to see here, it’s everyone else. The heart however cries that someone else is experiencing the pain they are feeling and they reach out to help, always in the hope that someone would do the same for them. This is mostly unconscious of course, if this is you, if you feel compelled to help or get involved just take a moment and look at the problems you are looking to fix then be open to the possibility that these exist in you, which is why they trigger you so much.


Remember we are leaving the duality and moving into unity, this means we need to balance the light and the dark, the good and the bad, it does not mean that we focus on the light and ignore the dark most people see positive things as great, so we will keep them and negative things as horrible so let’s get rid of those but that creates more imbalance and more drama in your life. We need to balance the polarities to bring in unity it is the only way.


Have a wonderful day, thank you all for being here with me on my journey and letting me get glimpses of yours….what a band of merry folk we are, One day I would love to meet you as I feel the love.


In the meantime if there is anything you would like to know more about, any questions you would like me to answer, hints tips or clarification on anything then just let me know. I am a great resource to have around, so just ask. My time is my responsibility, so don’t be afraid to ask.



Love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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