January 31st Energy Forecast

January 31st Energy Forecast

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Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy report is a little late as I got a bit carried away with my list of stuff to do today. It is keeping me on track focused and I am achieving huge amounts, time seems to be slowing down in order to help me achieve my goals. How is this energy working for you?

Do you feel focused and determined? Do you have a plan and a list? If not don’t worry but do spend some time reflecting on what needs to be done in your life. Be heart led not mind led, this can be a tricky one as this is not about what you should or ought to be doing, this is about firmly walking your path.


After many months of reflecting and waiting the energy is getting active again. It is time to start moving, clearing and constructing your new life. Manifestation is quick.


So this is going to be an active week, if anyone is having trouble working from the heart and not the mind just comment and I am sure we come up with something together.


By Thursday we will have a slightly different energy coming in this is very heart based and lilac in colour. It is here to soothe and heal, the active energy will continue but it feels like this will cause a domino effect in the lives of many. This is not a bad thing but it will start a motion of events that will be ultimately liberating but may feel like a wrench in the short term. There is much soothing energy available for this, as it would be easy to fall back into old yet suffocating energy. Push forward we must with faith love and compassion.


We have almost turned the corner of 2016 and the next two months are going to be exciting with lots of change, allow this to happen, change is a good thing but sometimes it takes time for the dust to settle and to see this.


I feel great excitement at the months to come, these are very new times in deed.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx

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