January 30th 2017 Energy Forecast

January 30th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning and wow, we are at the end of January already, so how is everyone feeling. This is a very different year from 2016 yet at the same time it may feel as though nothing has changed.


This week is an active week, it is time to take care of business, to make some solid changes in your life. This week you have permission to take a stand when you are being asked to do something you just don’t want to. To push forward your ideas needs and dreams, not to stand patiently in the back of the queue waiting for someone to ask. No one is going to ask you what you want, only you can do that, only you can push yourself forward .


Doers rarely get noticed or appreciated as their very presence is overshadowed by what they bring, they make people feel good and that becomes the focus feeling good, not the person. So this week find out what makes you feel good.


The energy is here to support you in this, it is empowering and powerful without being competitive or greedy but you need to step forward and you need to step up.


It is time to make practical and physical changes, to do something for you so make yourself a list and just start. Change can be scary but that doesn’t mean it is wrong and you all have courage by the bucket load.


We are, as always surrounded by anger and fear, please try and rise above this as much as you can, it is neither personal nor is it something to be condemned in another, all of these negative emotions and actions come from fear so have some compassion even as you walk away. I always think when confronted by an angry or controlling person, wow I would hate to live in their head it must be so uncomfortable draining and miserable, no wonder they react the way they do….and then get out of there.


Follow your heart especially this week, we are supported by the energies, give it a go, the world won’t stop spinning, you won’t be flogged as the worst mother or husband and you may just find that your world opens up to opportunities you didn’t think possible.


We need to break free from convention and conditioning, you are free to do whatever you want and don’t be controlled and constrained by your own mind or fear of “them”….those invisible them and they, the ones that will come and get you if you don’t obey the rules.  Many of the laws we obey are just rules they have no power only the power and compliance we give to them. Take back your power and use your own discernment, you are a good person and you will do the right thing, it’s called integrity.


Have a wonderful week


Lots of love and laughter Michele Blatchford

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