January 28th 2017 Energy Forecast

January 28th 2017 Energy Forecast

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Good Morning, I hope you are all well, how are those dreams? Vivid or weird dreams can be lots of things, releasing & processing issues, premonitions and messages from spirit. These are heightened around a new moon.


The energy this morning is light and bright, the anxiety and fearful energy seems to have lifted and today is about manifestation, creation and connection. The energy of the moon is strong so ensure you are fully grounded and amazing things can be created today, grounding is very important when the energies are high but also if you want to do any energy work. It may feel nice floating around but it is essential a waste of energy, tether it!


I feel today as though everyone is getting a break from the heavy processing that has been going on this year, today is a day we get to have a play and maybe some validation that there is more to this than constant work.  For those that are coming to the Learn Tarot Workshop bring something really warm as you can come to the beach with me afterwards for a Moon Manifestation Meditation if you wish.


Your friends and family that have passed are also close today, you may get some random song pop into your head, or find keep seeing something flash by out of the corner of your eye. Keep an eye out for the signs, they can be subtle and often only something you would know. Talk to them today, if you are struggling with anything ask for advice or comfort and then just wait you will get an answer somehow today, it may be in the lyrics of a song or just a sudden thought pop into your head, just know this is spirit helping you along.


So get outside and take a deep breath, notice how light the energy, it feels almost like nothing. There is no weight, it doesn’t feel as though you are dragged down or have pressure on your shoulders. I am not sure exactly what this is as it does feel a little unusual but hey make the most of it I say.


Today you can experience a lightness of being that you have probably not felt since a child and this light energy should help you to discover what it really is you want to manifest, your true desires, rather than wanting something to ease the stresses of your current life, the two dreams are very different.


Have a wonderful day, enjoy these energies and create something magical.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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