January 26th 2017 Energy Forecast

January 26th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you slept well, so how did you get on yesterday with the rise in anxiety and fear? Did you manage to step away from it and not own it? Carry this on today but also focus on your dreams and desires once again. You spent some time over the last few weeks thinking about what you would wish for if your dreams could come true and now you are ready to grab those and hike a lift on the new moon tomorrow.


Start your manifestation with the new cycle of the moon and harness that energy, it is super powerful especially when you get into sync with it, it is always a great idea to start your own new cycles at the same time.


This new moon energy enables you to get to the heart of your dreams and truly feel them with your heart, it urges you to put it out there set your intentions and allow it to happen.


As is the condition of a duality the flip side is also true and although can be uncomfortable is also a great gift. The power of the new moon can also bring out your inner fears and anxiety, which is why it is important not to take on the fears of others as your own, as you need to process and balance your own fears and anxieties that come up for you, don’t push them down, the moon energy can illuminate these for you and then help you release them, if you push them down you could end up manifesting them.


Unless we are in physically danger our fears are illusions, worrying and fretting achieves nothing apart from stealing your peace of mind


Listen to yourself carefully over the next few days, so many things are coming to the surface, like sorting dirty washing, the whites are your fears and the colours are your dreams and the delicates just need to be handled carefully, they could be fears or dreams.


If you want to feel more connected then follow the rhythms of natural world, flow and ebb with the energy and use it to supercharge yourself. I would not have a fraction of the power I do if it were not for the sea the wind the rain the sun the trees. My life would not be so easy and fabulous had I not learned to flow with the energy available, sleep with the sleepy energy, create with the creation energy, soul search with the reflective energy…..this then frees me up to sing and dance the rest of the time.


So feel into this energy, feel into your own energy, you can do this, I know you can. You all know a lot more about energy than you think you do. How many of you read these forecasts and you feel it already in your heart, you knew this, now seek it.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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