January 25th 2017 Energy Forecast

Hey, Heads up there may be an increase in anxiety in the next 5 days….breathe it out ❤


January 25th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning, I hope you are well, so we are firmly in the energy of the new moon today and this moon is going to bring up a lot of fear and anxiety within. This is not an external threat but it is about you. These are your fears about you who are, who you are not, your responsibilities and your courage. It is parts of your unconscious that needs to come into your awareness.


This may be issues and fears that keep you small, chasing a dream that isn’t yours or it may be a revelation about your strength or the dreams you really do want. Allow the moon to pull this from you and look it. It may not be comfortable or it may be liberating, don’t judge or expect anything just observe it all.


There is also a jobsworth type energy coming in strong today and for the next couple of days. The energy of disapproval when the rules aren’t followed to the letter. It is a rigid, judgemental and petty energy, stay out of it but also don’t react emotionally when someone speaks to you this way, it is a trigger for many I know.


So be prepared for people to get into your business and get ready to walk away, arguing with them will be pointless. They are set on their view point right now and nothing will change that and besides do you really care, this has nothing to do with you.


If you are the one that finds themselves holding onto the reins tightly and feeling the need to control everyone, then step back and go and breathe for 5 minutes, see what you are doing and release it.


This also brings with it the grumpy old man energy, no offence, people will be irritated by you just because you exist or maybe your breathing is annoying, or maybe you will be the irritated one, just be aware of this and have a chuckle to yourself.


I would wait until we are out of this energy by Monday to make any big decisions that involve other people, the next week really is all about you.


Be vigilant and see what is being drawn out of you, this is important. Remember we are getting into position for spring, so I am sure you don’t want to waste time looking in the other direction. Uncomfortable and confusing as these times may seem it is a gift, use it.


Always here if you need clarification or pointers.

Have a wonderful day


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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