January 24th 2017 Energy Forecast

January 24th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning, how are you all this morning? The energy of accomplishment and achievement are high, there is much to be done and productivity is high.


Although how you look at being productive may need to be expanded, it does not just apply to the physical, it maybe mental prep or adjustment that is important for you or it could be that you need to rest your physical body but whatever it is that you are doing it is important for you.


We are all going to go through a big shift around Easter and what we are going through at the moment is going to get us there and help us be ready to grab the new opportunities when they come. So just go with the flow, you may not understand it but you don’t need to right now, what is important is that you follow your heart. If you are having trouble with this go and do the heart centred meditation on my website, that will help you, or maybe the healing pool if you are struggling. Remember these are tools for you to use to help you through these times.


So how has your dreaming been going? Have you learned to dream big yet? Do you know what it is you want? Remember this is more than material stuff this is how do you want to feel and be. Many years ago my goal was peace of mind, of course there was the usual financial security stuff, within the year I had achieved that and never went back, the other stuff took a little longer but that was because the blocks I had to money and my perception of it….those are tough cookies to crack. What I am saying is the things that we most desperately seek are usually related to feelings and emotional and mental states rather than physical stuff, we are also often more ready to make changes in that area than those related to finances, are commitment is stronger. So don’t forget how you want to feel and be when dreaming your dreams.


Next week the energy is going to lift once more and we will have some fun but for now don’t own the dense and fearful energy that may sweep through you, just observe it as another interesting part of this life and then get on with your day.


If your anger irritation or anxiety levels are increasing then there is something coming up for you that you need to process. Sit with it and ask what it needs to show you.


I know it isn’t particular easy and flowing at the moment or fun and laughs but these are important times. Preparation can be boring but you will be glad of it.


Have a wonderful day, dream big Love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

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2 thoughts on “January 24th 2017 Energy Forecast

  1. Your morning energy updates seem to always be right on the money to what I’m feeling! I can’t always make sense of the energetics, but reading these always compliments those feelings I’m feeling. After three years of the roller coaster ride of energy I’ve been on, I’m FINALLY starting to not own it as my own, but as the collective. You’d think I would have learned this much faster!

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    1. Hey Brandie, this is great, I love being validation for your own awesomeness. Love that you are not owning it….so funny though about learning faster….over the years I have had my very slow moments, taking some time and many sledge hammers for the penny to drop….we get there in the end though 🙂 Thank you so much for commenting it makes me smile, have a wonderful day xx

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