January 23rd 2017 Energy Forecast

January 23rd 2017 Energy Forecast

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Good Morning I hope you all slept well, I am like a little bear at the moment and could stay under the duvet for much longer.


So the energy shifted in the night and it feels much more like a Monday morning lol, there is work to do, the ground needs to be cleared and preparations made, strangely enough it doesn’t feel like the first day of term but the last, not at a state school but at private boarding school, when everyone is packing up ready to go home. There is excitement to be going home but at the same time fellow boarders were like family, so it was bittersweet. There was lots to do, lots of packing and many farewells, lost shoes and emotions running high. That is what this week is going to feel like as we head towards the new moon. Time to clear out, to let it go!


This is going to be a fabulous week for letting go or just allowing to leave your system, the remnants of the old cycles that ended in December. As you all know by now this never seems to happen in one go, we have to go over it about 6 times before it is finally gone lol but keep chipping away you will get there.


This is a bittersweet time for many and letting go is tough, it is painful and sometimes just downright heart breaking but go through it we must and we will survive and once we reach the other side we will be glad that we did.


I feel a lot of dense energy around this morning and mix that with the stuff everyone is releasing it would be easy to own this as your own and feel that you are depressed, this is not the case. Be aware of this dense energy and shake it up a bit, put on music, dance, laugh with friends sing, just keep that energy moving today.


If you do get a wave of sadness come over you just stop for a moment and think what were you doing or thinking at that time. If you had memories of a former partner for example that makes you sad then know this is energy within you coming up for release. If it doesn’t seem to be attached to anything, comes from the side and makes you feel tired or drained then this isn’t your energy so let it float on by, dance and sing until your vibrations are back up again.


We are going to be getting lots of opportunities to be empowered and free but by equal measure we will also have the choice to hold on to some pretty dense fearful or angry energy, these are all getting thrown around the planet, so staying consciously aware in each moment is vital to make a balanced choice.


If you view your life as a series of choices it may make it easier.


So take care today and this week, it is necessary but may not be all that comfortable. Please share any questions or concerns you have as I am always happy to help if I can.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx


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