January 22nd 2017 Energy Forecast

January 22nd 2017 Energy Forecast

gt the fool

Good Morning, I hope you are well, so how are the dreams? Dreaming is tougher than you think right? So today imagine that I really do have a magic wand and I will make 2 things come true, now or within 8 months, what would those two things be.


Now it can be an emotional state, so you could wish for no anxiety, more confidence or courage or it could be that you would like to move to the south of France. No one thing is more worthy that another and this is not for judgement. If you find that your wishes are for other people go back and start again, this is 100% about you. Even if your wish is that your husband or wife is more demonstrative or kind, make the wish about you not them.


I would love to hear you wishes but take some time today to really think about them because later in the week I am going to teach you how to manifest them, so get thinking.


The energy is light golden and orange this morning, wispy and bold, a bit like plane vaper trails in the sunrise. It feels nurturing and supportive but there is something else, I see a golden chalice and the horn of plenty…mmmmmm abundance is coming on many levels but also maybe a step up on our spiritual path. The golden chalice is very beautiful in deed, I shall see what comes of this.


The energies really feel wonderful today, here to hold you whilst you dream, allow yourself this time and this gift. Even if you don’t quite believe it yet do it anyway.


So take off all the constraints today, the duty and obligation, the practical and the fear, the unknown is not something to be afraid of it is an opportunity to explore, when you are in the unknown your eyes are wide open and all your senses are alive.


We have all been asleep far too long, going through the motions of expectation and habit, time to shake it up and jump straight back into your life.


Have a wonderful day and I can’t wait to hear what your two wishes are, then I will go live later in the week and we can do some visualisations together….let’s manifest baby


Love and laughter Michele xxxx

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