January 21st 2017 Energy Forecast

January 21st 2017 Energy Forecast

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Good Morning I hope you are well, how are your dreams? Deep & weird maybe with a message that you can’t quite remember, maybe they feel important but disappear when you wake up? Try and write them down as soon as you wake I think you will find them interesting, there are certainly a lot of prophesy dreams around at the moment.


Yesterday I awoke from what I thought was an anxiety dream which I felt was strange as I don’t have any anxiety. In my dream I was out and when I wanted to come home my car was gone, the whole dream seem to be about finding the car but it was just gone, what was I going to do with no car? When I came downstairs I realised I had left my lights on my car and the battery was dead, also the reason for no energy report yesterday.


So write those dreams down you will start to see a pattern, everyone is so much more psychic than last year, the energies have changed a great deal to support this and we are also more greatly connected to spirit.


These really are very magical times and you have so many more resources at your fingertips than you realise. A great deal changed after 21st December 2016 and I know you can all feel it. I can feel it in your energy, there is a general shift in empowerment.


This is wonderful yet it will trigger fear within you, fear of change, of being outside of your comfort zone, this is the time that “better the devil you know” comes into play. Recognise this for what it is, take a deep breath and let it go.


So the energy this weekend is rather different to that earlier in the week. I still feel the general irritation and anger around so keep this in mind, don’t own it and don’t react to it, if it triggers you then walk away until you calm down. Do not act on this anger!


There is something magical about the energy this weekend, it is time to dream your dreams and dream big, lay those foundations this weekend of what you are creating this year. Don’t be specific and don’t try and dream the most achievable or logical dream…that’s not dreaming that’s planning and that is not what this weekend is about. Don’t feel embarrassed about your dreams or feel materialistic or overly sentimental. Your dreams are your dreams don’t judge them!


Oh we have a massive wave of unconditional love sweeping in this afternoon and this is blissful. Few people have yet to experience pure unconditional love, we talk of it often yet it is rather misunderstood. Once you experience is fully you will never forget and it will motivate you on your path. I cannot describe it, but it makes your heart swell, feels like home and will make you cry out of the sheer awesomeness of it…it blows your heart open!


So take some time this weekend to sit in this wave of unconditional love and really feel it. This is a taster of things to come. Once you balance your own light and dark and your own polarities within then you can become unconditional love and life will never be the same again. But to seek it first you have to realise you don’t have it.


So what is worrying you right now? I know that many of you have many concerns, this year is not as many expected and for lots of you, you are in that corridor that is uncomfortable, finishing one cycle and waiting for another. Patience my friends is a challenge many have to learn in this lifetime but I know how uncomfortable and awful that can be.


Please share and comment about your fears I am always happy to help maybe shed light on a different perspective.


I also have some great courses coming up, I am moving them all online, these will help you consciously walk your path bringing everything into balance so that you can truly experience bliss.


Keep and eye out and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns. We are never alone and my purpose in this lifetime was to walk the path so that I could give you the heads up on what is coming up on your path and the best way round it through it or over it.


Have a wonderful day


Lots of love and laughter Michele


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