January 18th 2017 Energy Forecast

January 18th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy this morning is rather subdued and a little heavy, I can’t quite put my finger on what it is but I do sense there will be a lift a little later on this afternoon or possibly this evening. Don’t hold on to any fear you may feel today, look at and then let it go.


Also take some time before you act or speak today as I feel there is going to be upset and anger and this energy feels a little irritated. I don’t feel that it is energy generated on a human level, it definitely feels like Universal energy yet I am not sure of its purpose.


Possibly it is a little bit of no nonsense, to get you to step forward and stand in your power, however be careful today, keep it subtle.


There is a spring like energy coming in later that will be fresh and inspiring, it won’t last all that long but it will give us all the push and motivation we need. This year has not been the most fresh so far but that is not indicative of the months to come.


This is an amazing year, the energy is so different to last year but we need to keep our wits about us so that we don’t keep bringing in old energy and cycles from habit.


You may feel a little lost or unsure but that is only because this is different and not much is happening. This seems to be the hardest position for a person, we feel the need to keep moving, even if we are running through a storm or having a battle as long as we are moving forward that is ok. This is not how it is though, we need to sit and wait, contemplate and reflect, believe and trust. Things will play out when they are ready, there are things in the pipeline that we are unaware of, so trust and be patient.


So you may want to have a bit of a quiet day, keep yourself to yourself, especially this morning as I feel anger and irritation around.


Go with the flow today for tomorrow is another day.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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