December 16th 2017 Energy

December 16th 2017 Energy


Good Morning I hope you slept well, so the energy has dropped in intensity for a while and that is not a bad thing, it gives us a little bit of rest and respite. For some it may not seem as though much is happening but trust me for all of us deep changes are happening.


It is important that we take some time and recognise the changes within, we are not the same people that began 2016, so much has happened on so many level, recognise and appreciate this. Be proud of your growth and you increased balance and awareness, trust me I know that takes hard work. You may undervalue it as it wasn’t physically hard or it wasn’t dramatic but facing your fears, your dark side and taking full responsibility for your life is probably one of the hardest things you will do and continue to do. Not everyone is there yet, hence the amount of anger and manipulation, revenge and just downright vile behaviour we are seeing all around us, but they will and don’t be so hard on them, it is unconscious fear that drives them and that is an awful state to be in.


It takes just a moment to have a shift or widening of perspective and then everything changes for them, allow this.


This is going to be a mixed bag of energy this week, you may fell a little up and down, one minute so certain and sure the next feeling down or lost, don’t worry this is all part of the process of release and there is a lot for us all to release.


We all let go of some pretty big cycles at the end of last year and this is kind of mopping up the mess left behind.


It is important to take some time to reflect on what has gone and what has passed but more importantly how we feel in this moment, right now. It is important to feel what we want with our hearts not our minds. We need to let go of the reins a little and just see what happens.


Have a wonderful day, love and laughter to you all Michele xxxxxx


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