January 14th 2017 Energy

January 14th 2017 Energy


Good evening, a little late in the day but still plenty to say lol. So this full moon energy has been a potent one, it brings the energy of illumination, shining the spotlight on areas of our lives we may have thought long ago hidden and forgotten. It has brought crashing insight and cleared the path for you. You could experience this as a harsh event or a liberating one, either way it will set you free.


For the last couple of days I have been like, as my friend put it, a bunny on crack. I have been so excited just generally, the moon does supercharge me but this was something more. Then I saw that we were due for a big tidal surge on the east coast and that explained it, I am very connected to the elements and especially the sea, whenever we have a big storm I could just pop with the energy running through me. I find that the sea often reflects what we are going through on a human level. Each morning the beach scape is different and I am amazed at what the sea can achieve in a relatively short amount of time but it is always in sync with the energetic changes we are going through.


So this morning when I went to the beach after the surge, the sea had swept inland almost as far as the floods of 2013. Where I walk there is the beach, then a grassy dunes area then a wood. Now unfortunately many of the dog walkers especially in the last year have not been clearing up after their dogs and the area of was littered. It was sad to see it getting into this state, however this whole area has been washed clean, we can start afresh.


The beach itself has grown an extra 25-20 feet, turning dunes and grass into sand, the area had almost been flattened, when before there was quite a steep ridge from the beach to the grass area. The whole area seemed so much bigger and even more beautiful even if a little battered.


This is exactly where we are, our energy like the sea is expanding pushing outwards, which it can only do when it has the inner power. We all have the need to get out there, to show ourselves, to be and do the best we can. To make a mark on the world, not for prestige money or fame but to inspire and connect, to contribute and to co-create.


The sudden changing landscape is how many of us have found our life suddenly change in the last few months, how things we thought were solid and constant have disappeared, changed or shifted gears. We have had things taken from us or shown to us that led us to see things very differently and sometimes wonder how on earth did I get here? This is a good thing though, we have had the playing field levelled as we weren’t getting round to doing it ourselves. Now we have a clean slate and the expanded possibilities this presents.


We will be going through a few of these events before the shifts in spring but it is all necessary to get us to where we need to be. To make a multi storey car park into a beautiful park you are going to need to blow stuff up.


Also connect in with nature, it really is the most amazing energy resource and such a rush. I had the energy of the tidal surge running through me last night, no wonder my dogs slept in the spare room, bless them.


So no matter what life throws at you, there is always a lesson and a reason, stay inspired, this is your year and I really do feel very excited for all of us.


Lots of love and laughter Michele


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