13th January 2017 Energy Forecast

13th January 2017 Energy Forecast


Good morning I hope you slept well, the full moon is very powerful and bright so you may have had intense dreams or feelings that something happened in the night. I went to bed after a wonderful moon meditation under cloud cover and woke to the moonlight streaming through my bedroom window this morning, as bright as the sun.


This moons energy is important to us this month as it is the first full moon since the energy and vibrational shifts at the end of last year and the first full moon of 2017 and she felt special.


Over the next week or so you should begin to see how quick manifestations are, how quickly you can bring thought into the physical, so slow down and be consciously aware of what you are doing.


The light of the moon is so bright it can’t help but illuminate areas of your life that need a little attention, again this about showing you what you may be avoiding looking at, but look at it you must it is the only way to release your burdens.


Nothing is ever as bad as we think it is going to be, usually people surprise us with their understanding and compassion and we often think why didn’t we do this a long time ago, yet the next issue that comes along rather than dealing with it head on, which had success the last time, we go back to putting it off, avoiding it and stuffing the elephant under the rug.


When you find yourself falling back into habit , stop yourself and step back, the moment you bring it into your conscious awareness you are no longer blindly following habit or routine, you are making it a conscious decision and that is a game changer.


Everything in your life will change once you make the unconscious conscious and that begins one step at a time, making as many moments in your day conscious as you can, until eventually it is automatic to stop pause and evaluate every action. This happens in a split second so it won’t take up most of your day.


The energy since the 21st December has been very different of a much higher frequency which is why so many of you have felt off, odd or just weird. It is your job to work on raising your own vibrations to match this, and then it’s time to play.


That is the beauty of energy, there is no judgement, right or wrong, it just does its thing and that can mean different things for different people at different times. So the high frequency energy could cause you to remember conflict from your childhood, getting you to face it and release it. Or it may make you feel physically flu like and can literally knock you off your feet or it may make you feel supercharged or you may be able to draw the energy down and create something in the physical. This same energy does whatever is needed, that’s why we go with the flow if we want to get the most out of life.


So how is this moon making you feel? Think about it for a while, there are no right or wrong, if it’s pulling up some shadow stuff then that is fab, if it has super-boosted your psychic connection that is fab too, neither one says anything about where you are right now on your journey and neither one has more value that the other.


So enjoy the full moon energy however it works with you, although it sets in the next hour or so you will still feel its affects for several days.


Have a fab day, love to hear how you are doing, love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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