Journal of a Mystic 9/6/12

Journal of a Mystic

new moon meditation

June 9th 2012 Training with Johab

Johab worked with me for many years as my guide, until the day I understood he was an aspect of me and my higher self, at that point I had to say goodbye to him, which felt like a death.


I went into meditation this evening, I appeared in a dark cave and there stood Johab.

He said “ you need to write the symbol you were given on your hand”

So I came out of meditation wrote it on my hand and went straight back in again.

Johab said “ feel the energy circulating your body and in particular the Kundalini energy”

I did this and could feel it thrashing around my system, then I saw snakes, flipping and thrashing about – it was a bit of a mess.

Johab said “ you need to control & balance this energy, your body is constantly producing this energy now – see what happens when you don’t use it and release it properly”

Mmm told off again, ha ha ok Johab I get it, sorry.


I was slowly able to bring it all under control and the snakes settled down. They created 2 interlocking spheres of energy around me, the same energy spheres I had seen in my initial stargate training, these began to glow golden.


I was stood in front of a wall in a cave, at the same time I could see a similar event happening, not sure whether it is Egypt or atlantis, I don’t know but I was watching a woman and I got the feeling she was me. This woman held up her hand to the wall and the symbol that I had written on my hand suddenly appeared on the wall in front of her.


I felt my energy instantly connect with the energy of both symbols, on the wall and on her/my hand. Suddenly I was in a void, a dark space or vacuum, just suspended, weightless and nothingness, it felt great.


Then I was on another planet, oh great it’s the cloud people, they are so lovely. I settled in with them, into their collective consciousness and energy streams and it was fascinating to be able to be aware of the thoughts of the group and have individual thought. It felt great, they were so loving, sharing and accepting. Then I was being approached by a very tall slim light person.

I greeted them and they said WELCOME HOME.


The feelings of relief, Love, Coming home, Acceptance, Understanding totally overwhelmed me and I sobbed and sobbed, big fat rolling tears. This felt so right, this is what had been missing, what I had been searching for.


They explained to me the following.


Originally, many lifetimes ago I came from a collective, by being on earth I was able to experience life as a singularity, this is true for most people. For me, in this lifetime it was important that I walked it alone, with no attachments.


This made perfect sense, in my life I had always stood and walked alone but I searched for what I was never really sure of but something was missing. I have never fitted in, my independence and individuality had been my topmost priority.

Merging and being in union with another would have changed my viewpoint enough that I may have stopped searching.


I have learnt all I need to at this time which is why everything seems to have come to a standstill. At this point I needed to understand why I was here and what I needed to do, what all the learning had been for, time to put it into practice. I am to work on the collective consciousness.


So in a nutshell, I am from a collective, I needed to live and be a singularity so that I can change the energy of the collective consciousness. As I existed as both a collective and a singularity means I understood how to change the patterns of frequency of energy etc


I had to do this daily (in the end it lasted about 6 months)

I was shown my dining room as a library and every day I have to sit and take a section of the collective consciousness & clear the unbalanced energy. I would be leaving all the information in tact but removing the energy that wasn’t of a balanced ascended vibration – we are breaking free from past patterns of restrictive behaviour and balancing the energy of the knowledge we all draw from, would help this


Tonight I have cried, cried with happiness, laughter & understanding, everything makes sense. I feel like I really understand now, why I had to go through the things I did, why I felt the way I do but that has changed now.


I feel like I have come home


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