January 11th 2017 Energy Forecast

January 11th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning, I hope you slept well, I feel a shift in the energy this morning but if feels like a dip rather than a lift, although by this afternoon the it will have increased in intensity, not sure the reason for the lull this morning.


When we get a quick withdrawal of energy that had appeared to be ramping up it can leave us feeling a little down lost or depressed. It’s like we have had the plug pulled and can make everything feel a little flat. Don’t act on this or own it, it will pass and by this evening you will be wishing for a little calm.


Grounding is super important; I had to do some extra grounding yesterday as my excitement levels were rising until I swear I would have squeezed someone so hard their head would pop off. You don’t want to be zipping around like a rocket balloon either.


Remember that we are in the full moon energy and keep your head down, if you stand in your power over the next few days with this energy then it may come out as rather aggressive and that sends mixed messages. Standing in your power is a calm and grounded process, it may be borne from that final straw but it is not reactionary, controlling or angry.


So now is a good time for some conscious living, be aware of yourself and your environment at all times, develop that pause between observation and action. Check your motives and intentions and be true to you.


There is going to be much revealed to you over the next few days, about your own nature and your life. Some of you will have your life flash before your eyes, awake or in dream time, where everything comes into perspective in that moment. You will see the patterns and the lessons, the self -indulgence and the long periods with blinkers on but hopefully and this is the pattern I am seeing you will see the simplicity of it all and from that springs great clarity and action.


For others you will see yourself reflected back at you in the actions of another, maybe a child and it will be the final piece of your puzzle, you will see how your own actions and behaviours have kept you stuck in a cycle of lack.


By the weekend I see the energy changing once again and this one is pretty intense, it is going to either lead or push us into a wider perspective. It feels like an amplifier so if your life is feeling a little uncomfortable then it may become unbearable, pushing you to look for another way, to see the signs. Don’t go into fear, see it for what it is and step back until you see the bigger picture.


For others you will simply feel enough is enough you need to start doing things differently, you need a different and better way. This is a beautiful thing in deed and if you are starting to feel like this, then go you. You may not know what to do or where to look but you know there is more and you need to do something.


Just go with the flow, keep grounded , stay consciously aware in each moment and keep singing, dancing and laughing. These are extraordinary times and I am extremely grateful I am here right now.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxx


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