10th January 2016 Energy Forecast

10th January 2016 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are well, although to be honest this is a bit of an awkward or uncomfortable time for many. The effects of the first full moon of the year are being felt all around and add that to the karmic wave that came in, all the endings of 2016 and the releasing work still to be done, this can leave you feeling pretty fragile and emotionally down.


Lots of tears will be shed and words spoken in anger so bring your awareness to what is going on and maybe spend some time alone.  Everything you are feeling within is going to be amplified by the moon, so remember this over the next week. It is not a sign that everything is going horribly wrong or is doomed; this is a process to go through. If you feel happy positive and inspired then it shows you worked through a great deal in 2016.


Take note of any physical pains you are having at the moment, these are likely to increase under the power of the full moon, however take a moment to look at these pains, they may be telling you something, if they are at your back this usually indicates an issue with your past you need to bring into the light or your feet is fear moving forward for example.


You can use this extraordinary power of the moon in so many ways to help you as it is an amplifier of what is going on internally, so mediate with this energy and try and be as calm stable and grounded as possible to work with it.


We have some beautiful calming energy around and these will stay with us for some time as this is a year of speaking your truth and standing in your power and that can be scary as, so we all need a little comfort and soothing.


I wouldn’t try manifesting under the full moon unless you are in a very peaceful loving place as you may find it blows up in your face; remember for most only 10% of their consciousness is available to them, so you don’t want to be manifesting something you are unaware of.


Manifesting is so quick it really is a case of be careful what you wish for!


The trip down memory lane is going to continue for some time so just let it all flow, observe, have gratitude and forgiveness and let it all go with love. It may feel uncomfortable and you may be tearful but just go with it. I have been in tears for the last week or so, I am not sad but it is all part of letting go the remnants of the old cycle and with so many things it is often the loss of what could have been that is more upsetting than the actual event of loss itself. Just go with it.


I am here if anyone is struggling, these are not the easiest of times and rather confusing I bet but take heart that it is all important and it is helping you get as light as possible so you too can play with these amazing energies.


Have a wonderful day


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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