January 9th 2017 Energy Forecast

January 9th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning the energy this morning is still rather contemplative, it will be a gentle day of energy before a shift on Wednesday, as this brings a more transformative energy on its winds. Big changes will be seen before the end of the month and this is a good thing, allow the change to happen,  even if It doesn’t feel like it is the best thing and will most likely get you into position for all fabulous things that will be happening throughout the year.


There is a lot of human emotionally charged energy and this seems mainly anger and jealousy, passions seem to be running high, ah this feels like full moon energy.  Breathe and keep walking, remember that people will have short fuses and will pick an argument over anything, you do not need to get involved. Pause, take a deep breath and remove yourself from the situation if necessary but nothing will get resolved under the full moon this month.


This is the first week of your new year and so much is already getting into position but you may not even be aware, look for the subtle shifts within, a widening of your perspective or an opening of your heart. You may feel at the end of your tether at work and this is good as it will push you to leave. So even if you feel that the year has started off badly look to see how this could be a good thing and is actually the beginnings of your new life.


Sadly we are going to lose more of our loved ones but they are in pain or suffering and that is best for them, after the mourning we are able to celebrate the gift they were and the blessing to have shared so much with them rather than being overwhelmed by the loss.


Manifestation is very quick so work on maintaining positive outcomes in your speech, for example if you feel that your car is on its last legs and you really can’t afford a new one or to get it fixed, then rather than saying “ oh no I hope the car doesn’t break down we can afford a new one” You could say “ As ropey as she looks she will see us well for another year”  Start by ensuring that your conversations come from the positive rather than the negative and then you can begin actively manifesting a new car.


There is so much that is different about this year, in its structure and content and I will hopefully share more of this with you over the next week.


Have a wonderful day and be aware of the full moon energies coming in.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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