January 8th 2017 Energy Forecast

January 8th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning Good Morning, so I have emerged from under the duvet of flu and although a little light shy I am glad to be back, after a 12 hour sleep last night I woke to the words Re-Set & Re-Boot.


So the first week of the year has passed and many people missed it but don’t worry this is not a sign of the year to come. The first 3 months are not going to be as super charged and go getting as you may have thought. Yes this is your year but there are things that need to get into place first, things you need to work on yourself first.


So now the karmic cloud is settling and we are all able to stand and up and see where we stand, where we are has great bearing on where we will be going and what we need to do. So for the next week it’s time to do some assessing.


What appears to not be working in your life, where do you feel uncomfortable or ill at ease, what do you need to let go or look at differently. Are there area’s that you have convinced yourself are fine when really they are not. Are you compromising yourself too much or swallowing your feelings? Are you lying to yourself, saying it is ok when it really isn’t, if your heart doesn’t lift or swell everyday then you are looking in the wrong place.


I just saw a man in a cave, toiling without rest, trying to dig his way through the rock and out to freedom. He is strong and determined, never resting , this may appear admirable and a sign of inner will power and fortitude. However in his haste and narrowed focus and determination he had failed to realise that the open door to his freedom stood behind him.


If he had taken a moment to assess the situation before rushing in, he would have seen the bigger picture and also the simplest route. The path to freedom or success is not necessarily the hardest.


The further I travel on my journey the simpler I realise everything is, how alike we all really are, none of us are special yet we all are. Our experiences and events on our paths are relative and cannot be held up for comparison, each one means something to us and to us alone and this we must respect and not judge.


Life I find is simple funny and joyful once you look behind the curtain and ease the ego. Once you lay down the need to be the youngest, the best, the most successful,  you don’t need to seek the approval or validation of others, you own life is that validation and once you see this you can stop the search.


So take some time and begin the assessment and if you lie to yourself go back to the beginning and start again, the simple truth holds the key.



Love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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