January 4th 2016 Energy Forecast

January 4th 2016 Energy Forecast


Good Morning, I hope you all slept well but the effects of the karmic wave are still making itself known so you may have been kept awake with a bit of an active mind, wondering why random memories were filling your head. Like debris working its way to the surface just let it do its thing, observe, forgive and have gratitude where necessary and let it go.


So who were you in a past life? What is your experience and skill in this life? What do you know and what can you do? Sit and ponder this over the next month or so. What is all your lifetimes has brought you to this moment now. What skill set, understanding or awareness do you have that will help you at this time in history move into Unity?


You are here for a reason, you have the skills to be here, if you didn’t you wouldn’t be here. You have an understanding and awareness that used to be as big as the universe but the paradigm we are in has required you to wear blinkers but the time is right to remove those blinkers and to remember.


So ask the question and let the messages come, dreams are often memories from past lives so listen to them. Listen to your inner knowing, no logical explanation is required, what do you know or feel.


Look at the reactions of others to you, do people seek you out with their problems, why? Is it your energy, your wisdom? Get to know what it is that radiates out from you. You are gifted and wise find this out about yourself.


So the energies feel a little like a lullaby today, they are subtle but strong, allow your awareness to expand and with it your understanding.


Everything is changing again by the end of the week, time to get our groove on .


Have a fabulous day


Love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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