January 3rd 2017 Energy Forecast

January 3rd 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you all slept well, the energy this morning is a little slower today and it may make you feel a little down but you are not really you are just slowing down, if that makes sense. The next couple of days may feel like that or you may feel a little up and down and emotional but don’t worry and don’t own it, let it pass and carry on.


Once again it is the energy and the universe getting us into position ready to make whatever decisions we need to make. The world had opened up to us and the possibilities are endless, as always, although now they seem more reachable and that is wonderful, especially after the year some have had. However at the same time this can be a scary thing, it implies change and that is frightening, the unknown that is scary and just putting yourself out there is terrifying.


I remember the first time I ever wrote for The Enlightenment Project, I wanted to run away and hide, I thought I would be attacked or ridiculed or maybe just ignored. I asked myself why on earth I put myself in that position, when I could have stayed off the radar, at home. My fear and desire to maintain the status quo nearly derailed things many times and this is the energy I feel coming up collectively over the next day or so.


So we are slowing things down so that we don’t have to get so scared, nothing is going to happen overnight and we can take some time to really think about what we want. It is one thing to know what you want when you are trying to break free from something or get away, it is a little different when you have the paint brush in hand and a blank canvas before you.


We have courage and tenacity coming on Thursday, oh and so much inspiration but first slow it down and ask your heart. You could try the heart truths meditation to help you or maybe you could do some timeline exercises to see what some of the possibilities lead to.


What do you feel drawn to do be say feel and so on, remove the mind and ask the heart, without regard for where why how or when. When you fall back into your heart you feel a security and safety an assuredness and faith that everything is going to work out perfectly. Faith and trust are very important qualities to draw out and come the weekend you will be working on this, I feel some of you may have little miracles or at least some synchronicities that help you believe.


Once you get your mind out of the way you will find that your desires and needs are really quite simple and consistently fulfilling.


One thing you need to get your head round and then plant firmly in your heart is that you can do this, and more! I know you, each of you and you may think that is impossible or rubbish but I can feel your energy and the more you interact the stronger I feel it and there is not one person that isn’t courageous, compassionate, loving and infinitely awesome. I see so many of you like an oversized Jack in the box, so contained until you press the button and then springs out larger than life….press that button you have so much to give and do.


I work with people who can be unsure confused depressed lost and fed up, this changes within a session or two and that is not down to me, all I do is throw a few alternative perspectives out there, it is you who grabs it with both hands and runs with it. It is you that turns from a caterpillar into a butterfly, as harsh as the process may be, I just stand on the side-lines offering a hand when you fall but it is you, it is all you and we are all being aided in the transformation.


So know one thing you are the hero of your story and don’t every doubt that, so enjoy the next couple of days as quiet as they are because by the weekend you are going to be hit with a double whammy of inspiration and creation.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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