Conscious Living – Conscious Eating

Conscious Living – Conscious Eating

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I have been consciously eating for many years now and a result of that is many foods have been easily eliminated from my diet.


The whole process of deciding what to eat and when is directed by my physical body, the selection and preparation is done with gratitude and love and each of my bodies is present and satisfied when I eat my food.


When I ate unconsciously I ate to live, I didn’t enjoy my food and would often forget to eat for a whole day and I ate crap. I would often grab something convenient at the last minute when I felt faint. Now I am in constant dialogue with my body about food, exercise, fluids & rest and I enjoy all of it, I feel the benefits of everything I put in my body.


When all of your bodies are in balance they are in constant communication with each other and are not constrained by concepts such as time and space, so they know what is coming up.


This is why we need to listen to them as they know more than we do. My diet sometimes appears crazy but there is always a reason for it. An recent example of this is – For the last 3 months all my body has wanted was new potatoes, beans and cheese, I am used to this combo as I have learned that when I am about to do some intense energy work my body seems to need to bulk up a bit. However 3 months was a long time and I was started to notice it physically, I felt much more solid than I ever had.


I looked into this, was I out of balance, was I reacting emotionally?  No all seemed in balance, then on the 29th all became clear.


I needed to be a channel for some super intense light to come into the planet, so for the 29th this is what I did, the reason for no energy report.


On the 30th I woke up & instantly knew I wanted raw sugar snap peas, beans, mange tout and a variety of lettuce. My body told me that potatoes were out for a few days; raw green food was it, with apple juice. No onions peppers or red or purple food, oh and by the way you don’t eat chocolate anymore.

Now chocolate had been my last sugary indulgence and a bar of galaxy was like heaven. I have known for the last month of so that it was going, but that awareness only really seemed to be on the periphery. I have learned that when the time is right it will go so although I know it is coming I don’t pay it much attention because in that moment the thought of giving it up would seem too hard.


So I observed the fact I had given up chocolate, found it interesting and thought I wonder how this will play out. So that evening when I would normally fancy a piece of chocolate no such thoughts came, so I asked my body did it want any chocolate and I was presented with the image/feeling that it was a square of animal fat, so no thank you I did not want any.


So that was the transition as simple as that, it was the same when I gave up meat, pastries, cakes, bread, biscuits, dairy except cheese, still eating cheese but I know my days are numbered, end of next year maybe, who knows lol. Alcohol, fried food and pasta.


I remember the day I stopped eating meat, it was a new year’s day, about 10 years ago. I had not thought about becoming a vegetarian and it took me several years of not eating meat before I called myself a vegetarian, so that day it came as a bit of a surprise but it also felt like the most natural thing. As I walked into my kitchen that morning I looked at my oven and thought oh I don’t eat meat anymore, oh ok that’s cool and I never ate meat again, I never craved it and I never wanted to.


So when you consciously eat listening to your physical body and participating with all your bodies you will never need to diet again and you will experience much less illness as you are allowing your body to regulate itself efficiently by giving it what it needs, when it needs it.


Also with all the shifting energy and the intense light that we are going to be experiencing next year you want to be listening to your physical body so you suffer fewer symptoms. If I hadn’t listened to my body and stocked up on potatoes beans and cheese I would not have been able to handle the intense light on the 29th, I needed those extra resources, energy and grounding.


I hoped this helped explain a little more about conscious eating and the amazing benefits it has.


Love and laughter Michele xxxx


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